Soldiers Kidnap Children on the Afram Plains – MP raises Alarm

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The Honorable Member of Parliament for the Afram Plains North Constituency, Betty Krosbi Nana Afua Mensah, has revealed that some men in military and police uniforms have abducted nine people from the constituency.

According to a statement released on Saturday, the MP wrote: “On Saturday, April, 27, 2019 between the hours 11:00 am and 2:00 pm, four (4) speed boats carrying men in military and police uniforms with one (1) white woman went to some Island communities in the Afram Plains North Constituency without any provocation amidst gunshots and in the process arrested nine (9) of my constituents.”

According to reports, the incident occurred at Edrakpota, one of the communities on the Didja Island which comprises 86 communities. The incident is said to have caused fear and panic as residents run for cover.

“The action by the uniformed Security men created fear and panic causing women and children to run into the bush for cover. The whereabouts of seven (7) of the children who escaped into the bush cannot be traced 24 hours after that unfortunate incident,” the statement narrated.

According to the MP, no explanation was offered for the act and no one knows who ordered the arrest since contact with the Afram Plains police and Abotiase police have proven futile.

“My efforts as the MP for the area to seek answers from the Police has yielded no result. The action by the uniformed men can only be described as kidnapping,” the MP stated as incidents of kidnapping in Ghana spiral out of the control of security agencies.

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