“Some people that “Promised” have shut their doors at me” – Veteran Actor

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An update on the health condition of the Veteran Actor Psalm Adjeteyfio!

Veteran Actor Psalm Adjeteyfio has revealed that many of the people that made promises on social media and on television to support his ailing health condition did not live to expectation.

He spoke to a Journalist and final year student of the African University College of Communication, Listowell Acquaye, who put out a campaign to raise funds to support the health condition of the veteran actor.


Some few months ago, veteran actor Psalm Adjeteyfio was moving from one media house to the other pleading with benevolent Ghanaians to come to his aid financially due to deteriorating health condition.

For weeks, news of his plea trended on major news timelines and headlines attracting a lot of well meaning Ghanaians to begin various forms of campaigns to support his ailing health.

Promises and Fail

A fraction of some well meaning Ghanaians including celebrities also made their intentions to support his ailing health condition public with promises of seeing the veteran actor go through the difficult time.

Unfortunately, the veteran actor has revealed that some of these individuals have shut their doors at him whilst others have refused to answer his calls.

“… a few did, you call others and they don’t pick up – some have even shut their doors…” he added.

Positive outcome

Psalm Adjeteyfio, however, admitted only a few have fulfilled their promises and been very supportive to him.

Confidently, he revealed his medical condition has improved significantly and his heart condition is also improving as a result.

The Veteran Actor shared his gratitude for all well meaning Ghanaians that reached out to him through various means when his health condition was worst off.

He also extended his plea to Ghanaians not to give up on him but keep supporting him.

To all reading this story including the “promise makers”, there’s a Gaelic Proverb that reads;

There’s No Greater Fraud Than a Promise not kept”.

By: Listowell Acquaye

(The writer is the Winner of the 2017 National Student’s Awards – Best Student-Journalist Award)

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