Speaker Oquaye seeks New World Economic Paradigm for Africa’s Development

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The Speaker of Ghana’s Parliament, Professor Michael Oquaye, wants to see a shake up in the world economic paradigm that would give Africa the space to develop without unfair trade imbalances in the world trade system; supervised by the World Trade Organization, which constantly keeps a strangle hold on the developmental efforts of developing countries.

According to him, the effort to end Child Labour in developing countries including Africa may not yield much results if the world does not pay attention to trade imbalances in the world which he considers as the root cause of these maladies in the society.

He is of the view that poverty and deprivation is at the root of all these social maladies including Child Labour due to the inherent imbalances in the world trade system where developing countries are not allowed to control the prices of the raw materials they produce into the world economy.

He as well pointed out the covert agenda by rich industrialized nations to deny these countries the opportunity to develop their industrialized sector by dumping cheap products from their well-developed markets to suffocate the burgeoning Industries in these developing countries.

“No country develops without protectionist policies and your country India is a very good example. The Mahindra of today was nothing to right home about many years ago. In this dilemma of WTO’s strangle hold, the question must also be asked, how does Africa also now develop”.

Speaker Michael Oquaye made the remarks when the 2014 Noble Laureate from India, Kailash Satyarthi, paid a courtesy call on him on Thursday to apprise him of the launch of a global political campaign against Child Labour and other vices against children known as the ‘100 Million for 100 Million campaign’ in Ghana.

The Speaker urged the Noble Laureate to use his good Office to help Ghana push the agenda for a new economic paradigm that would support Africa to develop without any obstacle in order to lift its people out of poverty and thereby freeing parents from engaging their children in Child Labour.

The ‘100 Million for 100 Million campaign’ is a global agenda being championed by Kailash Satyarthi to sensitise the youth and governments to help save children from engaging in hard labour among others at the expense of their education and development.

The campaign aims to mobilise 100 million youth and children for 100 million underprivileged children across the world.

Its prime objective is to end child labour, child slavery, violence against children over the next 5 years.

It also seeks to promote the right of every child to be safe, free, and educated.

It will strive to inspire 100 million children to speak and act for the numerous other unfortunate children living in terrible conditions to build a child-friendly world.

The campaign aims to bring together 100 million young people and educate them about their rights and the rights of thousands of other children, similar to them.

According to the Noble Laureate, the aim of the campaign is to sensitise 100 million children to be change makers on a global citizenship platform to form a movement for the globalization of compassion to help other 100 million children.

He therefore sought the support of the Parliament of Ghana in pursuit of this global agenda and also advocated for a day to be set aside by parliament solely dedicated to the deliberation of issues concerning children.

“The 5-year campaign strives to inspire 100 million children to speak and act for the numerous other unfortunate children living in terrible conditions and will motivate them to build a child-friendly world, where every child is free and safe to learn and to have an equal chance in life,” he said.

He conceeded that Child Labour could not be solved in isolation because it is an economic issue as well as a social issue, emphasising that inequality in the world trade order is an economic violence which must be addressed.

He further observed that Child Labour, Illitracy and and Poverty make a chain that form a vicious cycle which styfles the efforts of the people in the developing countries and supports the fact that it must be broken.

He therefore promised to use his office to push for a change in the world order as requested by the Speaker Michael Oquaye in his pursuit of the Global Political Agenda to end Child Labour.

Source: Clement Akoloh || afriwakeradio.com

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