St. Thomas Hospital offers Free Eye Screening for Diabetic Patients

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As part of activities marking this year’s celebration of the World Diabetes Day, the St. Thomas Eye Hospital at both Osu and Mataheko have undertaken free eye screening exercises for diabetic patients to enable them diagnose problems affecting their eye as a results of diabetes as well as to advise them on treatment.

The exercise, which forms part of awareness creation moves by the hospital is also to enable patients to undergo thorough health screening and seek medication from health professionals.

The Managing Director, of the St. Thomas Eye Hospital who is also a Consultant and eye Specialist, Dr. Michael Gyasi, said, the exercise is necessary because it forms part of the social responsibility activities of the hospital. He said it offers the staff the opportunity to educate and create awareness on issues of diabetes to the general public.

Researches have revealed that, diabetic patients are mostly unaware of the dangers awaiting them; at times, they even fail to undergo proper health checks to enable them get advise from properly trained health professionals.

According to him, diabetes mostly affects all parts of the body and that is why patients must routinely undergo regular health checks because it can affect and damage the eye if proper care is not taken.

“Diabetes can affect the cornea, lens and the retina of the eyes and if not diagnosed earlier and it gets to the retina, nothing can be done to cure it,” he said.

He noted that patients should adopt the habit of seeking for eye checks to allow early detection and effective treatment to avoid any infection and untreatable diseases affecting the eye through diabetes.

The Optometrist of the hospital, Dr. Sandra Mills, advised the public to desist from living an unhealthy lifestyle and not relent in seeking proper medical care while avoiding the consumption of junk foods. She asked them to rather eat fruits and vegetables, exercise regularly as well as undergo regular health checks.

She urged patients to continuously visit health facilities to receive treatment from qualified health professionals.

Source: Nii Aflah Sackey


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