Staff of Brong-Ahafo Regional Hospital wants a unifier as new Medical Director

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The Chronicle can authoritatively report that the current Medical Director at the Brong-Ahafo Regional Hospital would soon be replaced after serving the facility since 2009.

In its quest to have an eligible replacement, several names have come out, including Dr. Emmanuel Amponsah, but he’s association with the vacant post has raised eyebrows among a section of the hospital staff.

In an interview with some concerned staff, who spoke to The Chronicle on conditions of anonymity, they alleged that it would not be in the good interest of the hospital in terms of cordiality among staff, if Dr. Emmanuel Ampnsah was appointed for the position.

According to them, Dr. Amponsah and the current Medical Director, Dr. Jacob Abebrese do not have good working relations, which affected the running of the facility as was published by The Chronicle on November 11, 2013, with the headline: “BA Hospital in Ruins”

According to the said story, the Brong-Ahafo Regional Hospital was in a mess, following alleged factionalism that has emerged among the management staff.

Some concerned members of staff at the hospital had expressed grave concern over the manner in which the facility was being administered under the direction of the Medical Director, Dr. Jacob Abebrese.

In the said Publication, the concerned members of staff accused the Medical Director of gross mismanagement, seeking his own selfish interests, and resorting to misplaced priorities in the handling of affairs at the facility, which they claim, could lead to the collapse of the hospital if urgent steps were not taken by the advisory board to forestall the situation.

The concerned members of staff also alleged that since taking over the administration of the facility in 2009, he had embarked upon some projects which were not immediately viable and important, as compared to others, such as the construction of a garage at the Accident and Emergency (A&E) section, and converting the A&E doctors’ rest room into an office.

When Dr. Jacob Abebrese, was contacted at the time, he described the attitude of the ‘so-called concerned staff” as dishonorable, explaining that the group was made up of a few people at the facility, who are aspiring to occupy his position. He indicated that those people were trying to damage his reputation and make him unpopular in the eyes of the public, so that he would be relieved of his post.

The Medical Director alleged that there was a political power play in the whole situation, saying “You would be surprised to note that partisan politics have sharply divided the staff at the facility, with Dr. Emmanuel Amponsah leading the crusade.”

He further went on to say that Dr. Emmanuel Amponsah is a management member and believes he is the best person for the medical director position, however, the approach being used by him was wrong, disclosing that Dr. Emmanuel Amponsah is the Vice Chairperson of the Concerned Staff Union of the facility, whose members were accusing the Medical Director of gross mismanagement at the Regional Hospital.

Based on this perceived animosity between Dr. Jacob Abebrese and Dr. Emmanuel Amponsah at the Hospital, which was visibly displayed on the airwaves, including Ark FM, some concerned staff are appealing to the appointing authority to consider the plights of the people of the Brong-Ahafo Region, staff at the hospital and the future of the facility to appoint a unifier, qualified and competent person to superintend over the facility.

According to the concerned staff, the appointment of Dr. Amponsah would rejuvenate the previous factionalism at the hospital, which puts the facility in a mess, because the staff who were in support of Dr. Jacob Abebrese would also revolt against the administration of Dr. Emmanuel Amponsah, to the detriment of the staff, facility and the people of Brong-Ahafo region and beyond.

They emphasized that the appointment of Dr. Emmanuel Amponsah to replace Dr. Jacob Abebrese would be the worst legacy the appointing authority would have done. They believe that there are more qualified, competent and better people currently at the hospital who can best manage the hospital to the admiration of the public.

Source: Michael Boateng || The Chronicle, Sunyani

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