Statement: Alliance for Women in the Media supports victim assaulted at Kona Bar and Grill

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The Alliance for Women in the Media issues this statement to condemn the violence suffered by Portia Asantewa Duah on Friday 18th August at Kona Bar and Grill, Osu, Accra.

Ms Portia Asantewa Duah was allegedly slapped twice in her face by a bouncer named BB at the above establishment. The incident was reported to the establishment’s Manager. The Manager’s response was that she, and the group who accompanied her, should simply let the incident go. 

According to Ms Portia Asantewa Duah, below is a record of what happened on Friday 18th August.

The Victim


Ms Portia Asantewa Duah was with a group of friends at this restaurant and was asked to leave by a bouncer, named BB, who alleged they had not bought drinks and were simply occupying space. One of Miss Duah’s friends explained this was not the case. They had bought drinks; the waitress had simply cleared their table. This bouncer did not accept this explanation. Ms Portia approached a waitress and asked for a receipt as evidence of drinks purchased. Ms Portia began to speak with her friends explaining the incident was embarrassing. The bouncer told Ms Portia to keep quiet; he was not speaking with her. He then slapped her across her face, twice.  Ms Portia sustained swollen and red eyes from the slap. Her shocked friends approached the manager to relay what had happened. The Manager’s response was that they should let the incident go. 


On Saturday 19th August, Madame Portia spent an entire day – from 9am to 11pm – dealing with this traumatic incident. She went to two different hospitals as the first did not have an eye clinic, then to the police station and then had to deal with the police’s bureaucracy. She has since spent GHC300 on seeking medical attention and getting a medical report for the police.


The Alliance for Women in the Media:-

1. supports the victim

2. condemns the alleged violence of the bouncer named BB.

3. requires this be treated as a matter of criminal assault.

4. requires bouncer face trial and sanction

5. requires The Manager must be sanctioned for their unacceptable response

6. requires Kona to issue a public apology

7. requires Kona to issue policy for dealing with violence in their workplace



Shamima Muslim Alhassan

Convenor, AWMA. 

* Alliance for Women in the Media (AWMA) is a Women in Media and Communications advocacy and empowerment group made up of over 150 professionals from across the media industry in Ghana.

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