Statement: Dangerous use of State Power against Alfred Agbesi  Woyome

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CFR believes in democracy, rule of law and Human Rights of all persons as enshrined in the 1992 Constitution.
Human Rights are fundamental, sacrosanct and inalienable.
Our belief in justice for all manner of persons draws us to the conclusion that,  Government of Ghana is not committed to fairness in upholding the principles of the constitution relative to the Wayome case.
We therefore call on government to ensure justice for all and uphold the dignity of Mr. Alfred Agbeshie Woyome.
The invasion into the residence of Mr. Alfred Agbesi Woyome on 19/09/2017 by the security agencies over the lingering issues of  a judgment debt payment that occurred some years back was completely unnecessary, if not a show of might.
Reference to notice served the state by the African Court of Human and People’s Right, Arusha, these invasions of his premises by armed men is illegal and its in violation of article 40 of the Ghanaian constitution.
The state reserves the right to enter action to bring closure to this matter but that must be done within the remit of law and to be highhanded, abusing the rights of a citizen in the process. If the state cannot protect the rights of it’s citizens, who then should?
Mr. Woyome’s rights have been flagrantly infringed on and abused even when he has shown desire to cooperate with the legal system to resolve the lingering issues.
Let it be made clear that, litigating the issues don’t make him (the litigant) a fugitive. On the contrary, it enriches the law and deepens the judicial process.
We wish to condemn the unwarranted, undignified and  undemocratic manner in which law enforcement officers entered the premises of Mr Alfred Agbesi Woyome in the face of the injunction he secured against the state which prevents it from administering any action on Mr. Woyome until verdict of the Africa Court.
It would be recalled that the issue of Mr. Agbesi Woyome was decided upon by the courts, with an agreement reached for the monies to be refunded by him to the state.
It is on record that Mr. Woyome had indicated his willingness to pay all monies due the state as per a mutually agreed schedule.
It is also on record that Mr. Woyome is currently before an international court to ensure that his rights as an individual, are respected by the state.
The past weeks have witnessed abuses on the rights of Mr. Woyome at his residence which subsequently led to his harassment witnessed by the state.
Similar issues of personalization were visited on the astute lawyer, Tsatsu Tsikata under the watch of an NPP government.
We call on the government, and for that matter, the security agencies that are engaged in the abuse of Mr. Woyome to ensure that his fundamental rights as a citizen are respected and protected. We are intrigued by the personalisation of this matter concerning the state and an individual citizen.
Even murderers have rights which must be respected. What we see happening now is like the situation of *”vigilante justice”* where government action appears to be a tacit acquiescence to the violation of his rights. No reason(s) justify this conduct in a democratic dispensation more so, when a lawyer, a human rights advocate is the President.
It is in the interest of the President and his image to have the law enforcement agencies act in ways that reflect the sworn believes of the president as a lawyer and an advocate of rights of ordinary persons when he was a practicing lawyer.
Respect must be accorded the gentleman even as the state battles him over this issue.
We hope the government will cooperate and react in this manner to ensure the right of Mr. Woyome is not violated in the process of retrieving monies owed the state.
Thank you.
Carlos A. Gray
(Executive Member)
Jerry John (JJ)
(Executive Member)
Lydia Essandor
(Executive Member)

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