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The attention of the Concerned Citizens of Volta Region (Home and Abroad) has been drawn to a statement captioned “Nothing fruitful has come out of Volta Region’s loyalty to the NDC”, a comment allegedly made by former President of the Republic of Ghana  – J.J Rawlings. In that statement, he said that “the Volta region has faithfully voted for the National Democratic Congress on many occasions but they have nothing to be proud of because they live in Poverty coupled with bad road network.”

We wish to state here unequivocally that the position of former President Rawlings on the state of the Volta region is the true reflection of what is on the ground. It is with no doubt that the Volta region has been known for poverty and remained in poverty despite our commitment and resilient efforts of wiping the tears of the NDC once every four years by massively voting for the party since the beginning of the fourth republic.

It is regrettable to note that instead of the NDC to reward Volta region with development and poverty eradication, they monk our land with neglect and total rejection while widening the poverty gap in the region. The working class had to leave the region and settled in other regions such as Greater Accra and Ashanti region to look for work where they are faced with unimaginable discrimination.

The people of the Volta Region as of today are denied of a welfare which is their entitlement so far as human rights is concern. The youth of school going age had to leave the region to get Universities to attend. Seventy percent of the landscape are without portable drinking water, electricity, poor healthcare delivery, bad roads which is a death trap and with no hesitation taking lives. The limited and substandard hospitals in the region are left without qualified health professionals instead, HND students and other substandard medical students patrolling this sensitive health corridors as Doctors and Nurses to the detriment of the people of the Volta region. Patients who could have been saved, die on hospital stretchers because of inexperienced Doctors in these substandard health centers.

Poverty, tears and grinding teeth has filled our homes. Our Human Rights has been violated. The social democrat has failed us and the NDC has failed to wipe our tears to reciprocate what we have been doing for them.

Today that the government of Ghana is bent on dividing the Volta region on tribal grounds, the NDC remains unconcerned and when the good people of the Volta region demonstrated against the move, top ranking members of the NDC, the likes of Obed Asamoah and the vociferous Kofi Adams were on record to have supported the government in dividing the region against the legitimate wish of the people. Kofi Adams openly spew sputum on our Chiefs who were against the division of the region. It is sad and very unfortunate that these same people are the beneficiaries of our votes.

NDC has openly display to the Volta region, dishonesty, disrespect and sense of unwillingness to give the region its fair share and political equality as be the case. J.J Rawlings was right about his assertion and the entire Volta region is tired of NDC’s lackadaisical and lukewarm attitude towards the land and the concerned Citizens of Volta region cannot take it anymore. Enough is enough.

The above has pushed the Concerned Citizens of Volta Region to search for chronological records of significance which has revealled that, Volta region is part of another sovereign State since 1884 called Western Togoland and not part of Gold Coast-Ghana. We have also found out that Ghana under Dr. Kwame Nkrumah had managed to illegally swallow Western Togoland itto itself and areas that fell within the Western Togoland has been left undeveloped.

Knowing the above facts, it is not surprising that the NDC has turned death ears to the plight of the Volta region, a region that has remained NDC’s World Bank. We show compassion to the NDC and they returned our favors with apathy.

We want to cease this opportunity to tell all royals of the Volta region to go within themselves to find out what their region has got from the NDC all these while and if that has solved the bad situations in the region.

It is time the Volta region stop voting, not for only NDC but for any political party in Ghana. It is time we realized that we are not Ghanaians and disassociate ourselves from anything Ghana.

We have learned our bitter lessons and it is high time we face the hard truth. We are not Ghanaians.

The Peoples’ Liberation Council of Western Togoland (PLC) is the force fighting to liberate the Western Togoland from the hegemonic expansion of Ghana and we are encouraging all citizens of the Volta region to support the PLC in the fight for liberation. Let us join hands with the PLC to rescue Western Togoland and save Volta region.

Independence, the only solution to our problems.

Thank you.

By Concerned Citizens of Volta Region (CCVR)

Yevugah Daniel

(1st Vice President)



Alan Cyril



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