Statement: Name Your Cabinet Ministers – GIGS tells Akufo-Addo

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GIGS Calls On The President Nana Addo To Name His Cabinet Ministers.

 David Agbee
David Agbee

In line with the Constitutional provisions,  The Ghana Institute of Governance and Security  (GIGS), wishes to remind the President that by the power vested in him as a constitutionally and democratically elected president, he must name his Cabinet Ministers to guide the determination of general policies of the government as stipulated in Article 76 (1) and (2) which states,

“there shall be a Cabinet which shall consist of the President, the Vice President, and not less than, and not more than nineteen ministers of state ” (2) the Cabinet shall assist the President to guide the determination of general policy”.

The delay to announce the Cabinet Ministers does not serve the purpose and interest of mother Ghana as the Constitution mandates.

GIGS is of the view that, if the President announces his Cabinet Ministers,  it will motivate those individuals to collectively and prudently take decisions on behalf of the government.

It will also help the Cabinet to decide what legislations to introduce to parliament for the conduct of government business.

Moreover, it is a strong view of GIGS that when Cabinet is formed it will  give each individual cabinet minister legitimate authority, responsibility and direction, upon which good governance experts can measure and assess decision making of the government at all time.

We also urge the President that the composition of his cabinet should reflect different professions and diverse representation of the Ghanaian population.

It is hope that the President will welcome our advice as matters of importance and urgency to name his Cabinet Ministers to serve the interest of both internal and external stakeholders in building confidence and trust of responsibility.

We wish the president and his new government well as it begins to take shape.

David Agbee, Executive Director

Ghana Institute of Governance and Security  (GIGS )

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