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Satement: UHAS Alumni want Draft Public Universities Bill Reviewed

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The Alumni Association of the University of Health and Allied Sciences calls for a review of the “Draft Public Universities Bill” by this memorandum as an important stakeholder of the University of Health and Allied Sciences (UHAS) and tertiary education in Ghana.

The University of Health and Allied Sciences (UHAS) was established by an Act of Parliament (Act 828 in December, 2011). The university is a research and practically-oriented health educational institution dedicated to the training of health professionals in the Ghana. With such uncompromising core values and institutional philosophy, UHAS has produced health professionals who are making significant impact in the healthcare system of this country.

The UHAS Alumni Association appreciates the enormous effort of government in recent times in ensuring that UHAS continues to practically train health professionals to meet the health challenges in Ghana. We will continue to support government in all its activities that seek to promote the core values of UHAS.

After carefully reviewing the “Draft Public Universities Bill”, the Association wishes to register its displeasure with some provisions which seek to undermine the integrity and work of Universities Officers and Alumni in promoting the unique mandates of the Universities.


In Section 3 of the proposed bill, the membership of the University Council is to be reduced which will see the removal of the representative of the Alumni Association from Council. This move is not only unfortunate but dangerous as it downplays the essence of Alumni representatives on University Councils.

An Alumni Association is an important body in enhancing a lifelong partnership of the University and its Alumni for mutual support and growth. Representatives of the Alumni on the University Council, promote and build a vibrant community of Alumni who feel connected to the University and share their knowledge and resources on ensuring that Universities realizes do not deviate from their core mandates, missions and visions. We wish to direct government to do the right thing by ensuring that the Alumni are strongly represented on the University Council so as to support the mandate of the University as has been done in the previous years.


Secondly, we appreciate the efforts and contribution of all our forbearers in the struggle to make life better and more meaningful to the younger generation. The Alumni Association is however surprised about the repeated attempt by government to rename the University to “Komla Agbeli Gbedemah University of Health and Allied Sciences” when such a move has been opposed by
the University Council and Alumni.

Renaming the University has not been shown in this instance to yield any significant contribution to the core mandate of our noble institution but rather cost implications in rebranding. We employ government to pay closer attention and commit to providing the endless needs of our young university to make academic life stress free for students rather than renaming the University.

The Association appeals to government to end this intent of pushing to rename the University unless the University Council so determines in order to maintain sanity and prevent any future sedition and provide tangible evidence on how such a name change will promote the mandate and philosophy of this institution.

We, the Alumni of UHAS, are firmly advocating for an immediate review of the “Draft Public Universities bill” to address the issues raised. We wish to emphasize that these issues of removal of the Alumni representative from the University Council, and the renaming of our University as proposed in the draft bill must be aborted immediately and reviewed.

We believe firmly that this government is a government of the people, by the people and for the people as said by Abraham Lincoln and entreat the government to take into consideration the views of stakeholders to call for a review of the “Draft Public Universities Bill”.

Thank you.

Desmond D. Otoo


Minister of Education
Minister of State, Tertiary Education
Speaker of Parliament

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