Statement: Western Togoland Communication Team Congratulates Western Togolanders for the Historic Court Victory over Ghana.

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The communication team of our beloved nation, Western Togoland, wishes to congratulate the Executive Chairman of Homeland Study Group Foundation (HSGF), Mr. Charles Kormi Kudjordjie, Mr. Divine Odonkor, Deputy Secretary of HSGF and Mr. Martin Asiamah Agbenu, who were arrested and detained for championing the independence course of Western Togoland.

We wish you all well and say congratulations for your victory in Cout. Your commitment to the freedom fight for our beloved land is not only recognized and appreciated but it has also left indelible marks on every rock in Western Togoland and your sacrifice will never be oblivious.

Your deeds are a source of inspiration and worth emulating. We thank the Lord for your lives and we are grateful for this day.  May you continue to be the pile thin thread that will continually bind the hope, aspirations and prospects of Western Togolanders till independence is achieved.

We are also thankful to all the chiefs and elders of the land for their wise council and solidarity behind the indigenes of the land in this difficult times that hope was almost lost. We pray that they will continue to rally and guide us till autonomy status smile on us.

Today that joy has returned to the land, we cannot celebrate it without thanking our religious and opinion leaders who prayed and share their thought with us. We are really grateful.

To the youth, we say “ayeekoo”. Job well done. We cannot thank you enough for what you have done to see our victory over Ghana. Indeed, you have shown that you are ready and willing to move your land from Ghana to a prosperous future. You deserve all the praise in this court victory.

Thanking the youth will not be enough without giving special thanks and recognition to our Northern brothers and sisters who have left their busy schedules every to travel all the way from the North to the South in solidarity and anticipation of the historic court hearing and the history making process. There is no word to express our heartfelt gratitude to you enough, not even tears of joy will be sufficient to say thank you for being there. If really we are made in God’s own image, then may your sacrifice for the just ended historic court be accepted by the supernatural being.

For our brothers and sisters who came to join us from the Eastern Region, we say thank you. May everything you lost for coming and supporting historic liberation fight at the court be replenished by the omnipotent God.

We have not forgotten our lawyer, who stood by us day and night and lead us into this victory, to us, he is a blessing to our land and we are indebted to him.

Above all, our sincere gratitude goes to everyone whose effort, time, advice and resources had made our historic victory possible.

Our heart sadden, teeth gridding filled our homes, pain replace our joy and uncontrollable tears, a curse on our chick when the bad news broke out on 6th March 2017 that the leaders of our peaceful independence movement had been arrested.

Today, our heart gladden, happiness fill our homes, tears of joy wipe the curse on our chicks and our teeth pleasure in laughter because the bad future had been averted. We shall overcome.

Thank you.



Seth Mifetu.

(Communication- Western Togoland)





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