Stigmatization of teenage girls during their menstrual cycle worry Stakeholders

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Stakeholders in the education sector have expressed concerns over the high rate of stigmatization of teenage girls during their menstrual cycle.

The situation is alarming because girls shy up anytime they get their menses and feel uncomfortable due to teasing in the school and sometimes at home.

It is in dealing with this that the Ghana Education Service (GES) in collaboration with the United Nations Children Education Fund (UNICEF) organized an education session on the dissemination of menstrual hygiene in schools at and home where it was realized that a key was the lack of knowledge of menstrual hygiene and management among teenage girls.

This is what sometimes results in teenage pregnancy and students dropping out of school.

Teenage girls lack the information on when to start their menses, what they should do and not to do during their menses

The National Coordinator for ‘Forum of African Women Educationalist Program (FAWEP), Mrs Asiedua Addo-Yobo, advised parents and teachers to educate their children at their early ages to ensure that they maintain proper hygiene .

“When I was young and started menstruating, I was fortunate my grandma was around so she asked me what the problem was because she saw that there were changes in my walking” she said.

“When this happen,  it will either be in the house or at school so I urge parents and teachers to be responsible to teach their children at an early stage so as to avoid stigmatization, discomfort, teenage pregnancy and even school dropout,” she added.

Chairperson for the occasion who is also the Director of Basic Education Division of the GES, Margaret Okai, urged the society to stop the stigmatization and make teenage girls understand that menstrual cycle is not a taboo but rather a part of growth.

“We need to take away the taboos and myths on menstrual healthcare,” she said.

“Let girls know that the changes will make them amazing. Let us not shy away from them by telling them what they need to know,” she added.

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