Stop Hallucinating – Edem Agbana jabs ‘substandard’ Nana Boakye

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A youth activist of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) who is also an aspirant for the position of a Deputy National Youth Organizer, Edem Agbana, has thrown jabs at the National Youth Organizer of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Henry Nana Boakye, describing the latter as engaging in malice and deliberate propagation of lies against Former President John Mahama.

In a press release by the NPP youth organizer, he accused Former President Mahama of inciting some senior high school students in Tempane against the government. Nana Boakye described the said act as irresponsible and unpatriotic.

However, Edem Agbana, in a sharp response said the NPP youth Organizer was simply hallucinating. He explained that it was completely untrue that the former president was in the school.

He added that, it was hypocritical on the part of the NPP to now criticize politicians entering Senior High Schools when in the past, then candidate Akufo-Addo and Dr Bawumia paid visits to Senior High Schools.

Below is the response from EDEM AGBANA to NANA B

Dear Nana Boakye,

I just read a very malicious & evil-intentioned Press statement from your outfit alleging that you saw President John Mahama in a video inciting students against President Akufo-Addo. In a synopsis, the said statement has only added to the many reasons why the Multimedia group was justified in referring to you as ‘SUBSTANDARD’.

Ignorance they say is a disease but deliberate ignorance is insanity.

For the benefit of our readers, let me set the records straight..

1. H.E John Mahama, was neither in Tempane nor incited SHS students as contained in your concorted lies of a press release. You are hallucinating !

2. Also, Prez John Mahama, never went to any secondary school to campaign as you sought to erroneously suggest. Indeed, on his way to Saboba as part of his campaign tour, the former President was mobbed by students of the Wapuli Community Day School, one of the E-Blocks John Mahama dreamt & actually built.

3. Granted without admitting that the former President was at the school, your condemnation smacks of hypocrisy because then candidate Nana Akufo-Addo and Dr. Bawumia have on many occasions visited some basic schools.

The days of unanswered baseless and unfounded lies against His Excellency, John Dramani Mahama are over, the NPP and its surrogates must understand that, the record will be set straight and every attack will be met with equal response if not more.

Nana B, rather than fabricating lies against John Mahama to appear relevant, I encourage you as the National Youth Organizer of the ruling party to apologize to the teeming youth of Ghana for the plethora of failed promises made to them. You should be bowing down your head in shame for the way President Akufo-Addo and the NPP have left Ghanaian youths in a state of hopelessness.

Eric Edem Agbana


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