Stop the Bogus Interpretations and “Damage-Control” Sermons- Akufo-Addo goofed Big Time on Al Jazeera

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Supporters and allies of the President would stop at nothing to burden the country further through anti- social and unpatriotic acts. They have buried their inner convictions and have turned themselves surrogates of the administration defending immorality and irrationality. We have kids, nephews, nieces etc and our focus should be on how we could prepare a more safer environment for them so that when they grow up and take their places in the administration of the country, they will not be saddled with unsurmountable difficulties. Our kids have become extremely sophisticated and aggressively, experiment with everything around them. That is the damage facing this generation. Look at what the “Sakawa” phenomenon has done to some of our kids, use of illicit drugs and other social crimes. What President Akufo-Addo said on Al Jazeera, was an assurance to the western world of his preparedness to support same sex marriage if pressure is exerted on his administration. The statement was made to secure the support of the west.

Most leaders in the third world countries are under same pressure to accept this same sex marriage act. And the proposition and offer is that if they support legislation in their countries to allow same sex marriage or repeal their anti-gay laws they will, in return, support and fund them initially covertly and eventually publicly. Instead of out rightly rejecting homosexuality and spurning this proposition, President Akufo-Addo on Al Jazeera, refused to rule it out and as it stands now, has put the matter under consideration. Instead of him to say NO he assured them of his administration’s readiness to accept the practice if pressure is mounted on them. On BBC’s “Hard talk” show in 2012, President Yoweri Museveni made similar reckless statement about the homosexual issue when he said “Homosexuals in small numbers have always existed on our part of Black Africa.

They were never prosecuted. They were never discriminated”. I know very well that those intellectuals, retired Judges and social commentators struggling to defend the President’s statement, followed how the Ugandan public and other African countries reacted to that childish statement by the Ugandan President. Civil Society Organizations, Pastors, Imams and the Catholic organization defied all odds and vigorously chastised the President. The external and internal pressure forced Museveni to reverse himself and signed the Anti- Homosexuality Bill in the full glare of the media. And this was the declaration he made “Homosexuality was Western-imposed. Before signing the law, he asked a team of top- notch Ugandan scientists to help him make an educated decision. Nigeria recently passed a law criminalising homosexuality and several other African countries have expressed the desire to criminalise the act.

Those who have contracted themselves to defend the statement by President Akufo-Addo, should find out how these LGBT groups operate and the mechanism they adopt to influence political leaders. They should also find out the list of past and present openly gay heads of States including Iceland Prime Minister Johanna. Her government passed same sex marriage legislation in 2010 which allowed her [Prime Minister] to marry her longtime partner Jonina Leosdottir while in office, Belgium Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo, Luxembourg PM Xavier Bettel, Republic of Ireland Prime Minister Leo Varadkar etc. They should also read about James Buchanan and other US Presidents.

We saw how Obama’s campaign got electrified following his endorsement of gay marriage and how the endorsement attracted LGBT donors with the help of gay celebrities and a network of high profile gay and lesbian supporters. And we saw what happened when Obama joined pop star Ricky Martin at that famous fundraiser. He received $1 million within 90 minutes after his endorsement of gay marriage.

Ryan Murphy and his fiancé David Miller hosted a private $40,000 a- plate dinner for Obama at their los Angeles home. That is how powerful gays and lesbians are and that the danger President Akufo-Addo through his statement, has invited on us. These gays and lesbians have become so powerful and sophisticated to the extent that, they’ve infiltrated some Muslim- Majority count ries including Indonesia etc who have become relatively tolerant to gay issues as long as gay people were discreet. LGBT groups have become more vocal in many countries in pursuit of equal rights. We must remain conservatives and react angrily and start to push them back. This wicked agenda of defending that reckless statement by the President will not help this society.

President Kufour, Prof Mills and President Mahama were emphatic on issue and vehemently rejected the call for its legalisation. And before these leaders openly expressed their inner convictions, the western world through their media houses including Al- Jazeera, started their rationalisation agenda through facts distortion about our history. The pushed that during precolonial times, the Mudoko dako or effeminate males among the langi of northern Uganda were treated as women and could marry men. They preached that in Baganda,one of the largest traditional kingdoms in Uganda, it was an open secret that Kabaka(King) Mwanga II, was a gay. They ignorantly claimed Africans refereed to same sex marriage as “Inkotshane” male wife. We shall discuss that in my subsequent writeup. The fact I want to establish is that, this move to get our leaders to legalise same sex marriage, is on and they are doing everything possible to actualise that agenda.


Do we need language experts to clarify a statement which is very very clear and explicitly presented ? Yea, the President said he recounted how the UK did not consider homosexuality an issue in his school days while living there.

Note- That is the danger. Same situation here. Gay and lesbian activities were not serious issues until he granted the interview. We have them in the system but our cautious silence on the issue has helped curbed its growth and gaining of prominence. Making it a national issue and giving it media attention as we doing now, is dangerous for the society especially our kids who may start their research work via technology and experimentation. Ghana is not an easy place for the President to invite this conversation. We have our cultural values and certain natural principles bequeathed to us by God and our ancestors. These principles can never be buried by our laws. In Britain, certain common practices have become conventions and incorporated into their set of laws and their unwritten constitution. So why this backwardness, why are we following blindly and why are we destroying our society with bogus and outdated tools and academic weapons the west are struggling to eliminate.

Give the President another chance and he will dance around same statement he made on the show under the guise of a human right lawyer.

Source: Ohenenana Obonti Krow

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