Strange: Man sends Mum for “Sakawa”

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…But ‘Dr. Jesus’ foils moves as Witches Fleeing him

The teaming crowd of congregation at the Dr. Jesus Prayer Camp and Ministry International at Kasoa near the Liberia Camp at Gomoa Budumburam, in the Central Region, was stunned to the marrow last Sunday, August 19, when a young man, Kwabena Louis, came before the congregation and confessed that he sent his mother to a Juju man – fetish priest for Sakawa (money).

However, because the mother worships with ‘Dr. Jesus’, the Juju man’s spell could not work on the mother because of the protection she had around her from the church.

According to the mother, Louis was leaving with her while attending school, so occasionally she would come to church with him at Dr. Jesus.

However, one day, Louis stopped schooling and church and went out apparently with friends. Two weeks later, he returned home and she (mother) found some water in his room. When asked where the water was from, Louis indicated that it was the church that gave it to him.

The mother, a stanch member of ‘Dr. Jesus’ doubted it and said the water cannot be in the house. Then after about two weeks, Louis maintained a stone quietness without speaking to anybody, while also remaining sleepless and refraining from bathing.

The worried mother then forced him to the church, but he would not stay. Then later, he told the mother that he had sinned against her and would confess his sins.

She indicated that surprised at the revelations, she decided to bring him to the church to confess to the hearing of the Pastor, Prophet Sammy Koffie, his pastors, elders and the entire congregation.


According to Louis, his friends sent him to a Juju man and they were given some concoction to bath with for a stipulated period. However, after using it for one day, he abandoned it and threw it away.

Thereafter, the Juju man asked for his name and his mother’s, as well as his birth certificate. He said he was made to sleep in a coffin and his mother’s soul was called by the juju man for the sacrifice, but it could not appear because of the protection she had from ‘Dr. Jesus’.

This was greeted with shouts and praises to ‘Dr. Jesus’ by the congregants. Louis, who admitted that he was spiritually inclined said that at that junction, he felt that his own soul was being removed from him while also remaining sleepless, but had strange dreams for the little period he slept.

Unable to bare this he decided to come home and confess his sins. Listening with rapt attention, Prof. Sammy indicated that this was a lesson for all.


In his sermon that day, Prof. Sammy admonished Christians, especially his fellow men of God against envying one another. Quoting 1 Corinthians 12:1-11, Prof.  Sammy indicated that the gifts of God were plenty and diversified. And to each and every one He gave specific gift or gifts. Therefore, if one is given a specific gift which cannot be exercised by another except the one so endowed with, his fellow should not envy him because everybody and his God given gift.

The Prophet subsequently appealed to his congregants to hold on fast to their faith in the teachings and directions given at the church and discard criticisms from non-believers and members of the church, maintaining that they (congregants) were at the right place.


In another development, the simplistic and soft-spoken Prophet stated that at the instance of God, he had established the only branch of the church at Takoradi in the Western Region.

According to him that region, though endowed with many of the nation’s natural resources, the region was not getting on because of the activities of witches. It was against this background that God had ordered him to establish a branch there to bring their activities to an end.

According to Pro. Sammy in his missionary work at Takoradi recently, he was directed by the Holy Spirit to move to a certain woman in the congregation. And immediately, he reached her, she was carried by the Holy Spirit and she started making wild revelations about their (witches’) activities and meeting places at Takoradi in particular the region as a whole.

According him, the woman in her frenzied mood, indicated that they (witches) used to operate effectively at Kasoa some time back.

However, with there advent of the church at Kasoa, their activities were brought to a halt and they found solace at Takoradi where they were doing their own thing.

And now he has come to Takoradi too to torment them. As such they will move to Kumasi, where upon the Prophet said he was moving there too.

“When we were operating at Kasoa, you came there to destroy our activities. So we moved to Takoradi and you are here to torment us again. Now when we want to move to Kumasi, you want to chase us there too. What at all, do you want us to do?” the spirit possessed woman was alleged to have queried, the Prophet revealed. This met great applause and praises from the enthusiastic and joyous congregation.

Source: S.O. Ankamah


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