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Strange Revelations unfold at PCF’s All-night Session

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Strange revelations unfolded last Friday April 5, 2019, when the Parliamentary Christian Fellowships (PCF), a non-denominations Christian wing of the august House met to pray for Parliament, Speaker, MPs, government and the country as a whole.

Setting the ball rolling, Pastor Nicholas Nhyira-Appiah, leading the session, quoted Psalms 24, 14, 87 and Nehu 1-4, and charged the congregants to prayer for Ghana, Parliament as well as government. The charged congregation subsequently poured out the hearts and prayed fervently in this regard. Comprising MP’s, Staff and National Service Personnel the prayers went on with selected members taking their turn to lead in prayers.


Taking his turn in the Prayers, Rev. Ahuman Djetror, a Deputy clerk, and an astute member of the Fellowship, urged the congregants, and for that matter, Christians to climb up to the tower and prayer for the nation whenever the need arises, especially in times of crises.

He pointed out that Christians have been given the ability by God to prayer and intercede for the country in all matters. As such God has made them (Christians) watchmen to stand in the gap and pray for parliament to keep the integrity of the place intact thus making its impregnable.

Pastor Djetror noted that Parliament is the seat of authority and those who stand in the gab should pray for honesty, integrity and justice to prevail, especially in Parliament’s law-making function.

He stated that as members, and Christians waited on the Lord, the Holy Spirit will fulfil them to go higher to the tower to pray for the House in its decision-making regarding, peace, development, justice and integrity.

Apparently carried high himself by the Holy Spirit as he ministered, Rev. Djetror indicated that it was for no less a reason that America and co chose to go high into the sky to fix their satellites there from where they could operate effectively. It was against this background that he was calling on Christians to climb unto the tower from where God could easily hear them in times of crisis.

He pointed out that Christians have a wonderful authority that cannot be interrupted by anybody. Also, they have the key to make, unmake and manipulate events, especially crises. He subsequently charged members to pray for state functionaries, since it was the devil’s aim to strike the shepherd, just to scatter the sheep.


When it came to his turn, Hon. Mathias Ntow, MP for Aowin noted that as a result of human activities God’s promise to mankind that He would no longer use water to destroy the world had been greatly thwarted. He pointed out that when it rains slightly in the country, especially in Accra, the results become disastrous, and people’s homes and property get destroyed, with some people being carried away by the accompanying floods, because they had built on water ways.

Hon. Ntow stated that the matter was no different when it came to fires, especially bush fires, which are all mostly caused by human activities. He argued that this did not mean that God is not truthful to his promise. He subsequently charged Ghanaians to change their attitude so as to enable them see God’s glory. Hon. Ntow was charged with praying against disasters in the country.


When it came to her turn to lead prayers Hon. (Rev) Adjoa Ntoso, MP for Krachi West, who was charged to pray for security in the country, noted that security had something to do with disaster. This is because, when disaster strikes, it is the security which come in strongly.

However, in her estimation, security agents in the country are frustrated. Therefore, they do things out of frustration and anger. Ghanaian Christians should subsequently pray that disaster, being it natural or artificial don’t strike. This is because, security agents which should come in at such trying moments are angry frustrated, and will not give off their best.

Hon. Ntoso, saying that she felt frustration in her spirit, pointed out that security personnel in the country are going through problems, with nobody talking about it, citing the Military and Menzgold issue. Also, Ghanaians as a people, do not respect security agents, especially the police. She revealed that she saw in her dream that the military were packing arms. This, she said, does not auger well for the country.

Speaking as a former NADMO Operations Director, Hon. Ntoso noted that disasters, earthquake, tremors, floods and even fires could be have natural status. However, most are manmade. She hinted that while at NADMO, the organization warned people against building on the Weija Range because it was earth quake prone. This was adhered to for some time but now, mansions have sprang up like mushroom on this range to the very detriment of human.

Also people build on water ways, thereby causing floods at the slightest down pour. Yet no one cares. She charged Ghanaian Christians, especially those in the security forces to give themselves to Jesus Christ, instead of juju and fetish.


While ministering, Hon. Ntwo whispered something into her ears. She later came out to say that what her colleague told her was about grasshoppers. And within her spirit she realized that grasshoppers are intruders which, if they come upon one’s farm, destroy every crop therein.

Rev. Ntoso likened this to intruding foreigners in the country who had come to take over Ghana’s property by destroying her lands, environments, ecology and water bodies, with the authorities looking on helplessly. She stated that if this was not stopped immediately, Ghanaians will become foreigners in their own country in the near future.


Adding to this, Pastor Nicholas noted that foreign churches in the country were receiving maximum patronage from Ghanaians at the expense of the local ones. He noted that after paying their little taxes to government, these foreign church operators would change their booty into dollars and export them to their home countries at the very expense of the economy. Some of these churches, he stated, were even taking dues in dollars.


When it came to his turn, Pastor Jonathan Dokpah-Blay noted that due to the keen competition between the two major parties in the country – NPP and NDC, Ghanaians were confused as to who was painting the true colours about the economy.

Citing the recent lectures on the economy by the Vice-President, Alhaji Mahamadu Bawumia, and the counter press conference by the opposition NDC on the same subject, Ghanaians were at a loss as to who was saying the truth. He therefore charged Christian politicians, especially MPs to be forthright to bring out the truth. He also urged them (MPs) to endeavor to put their works on the media, especially social media so that people, all over, could follow their good works, stressing that the media is a very powerful tool.

Hon. Seth Acheampong, MP for Mpreaso also took turns to pray for those in authority, i.e, the Executive, the Legislature, and the Judiciary.

The president of the Fellowship Hon. Emmanuel Bedzrah, who is also the MP for Ho West, while thanking members (the congregation) for attendance, also expressed his joy at the success story of the All-night prayer session in particular and at that of the Parliamentary Christian Fellowship in general and urged members to attend in their numbers in subsequent prayer sessions to come.

Source: S.O Ankamah


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