Surveyors back Government on Ban on Galamsey

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The Ghana Institution of Surveyors (GhIS) has lauded the Government for temporarily banning illegal mining also known as ‘Galamsey’ in Ghana.

According to the professional body, “the ban by the government on all forms of small scale mining activity as a result of the galamsey menace was a decision in the right direction although this has affected the livelihood of a number of companies who have held valid licenses to mine”, emphasizing that, the calls by a number of bodies and some civil society groups to let those small scale mining companies with valid concessions to go back be left to the sector Ministry.

A Fellow and President of the Institute, Edwin Addo-Tawiah, made this known at a news conference to launch the 13th Surveyors’ week, 49th Annual General and conference which has been slated for Thursday February 22, 2018 at The Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA), Accra.

In early 2017, the Government ordered a halt in small-scale and illegal mining in a bid to halt the destruction caused to the environment by illegal miners.

The Surveyors have however, proposed two key actions for government should it decide to let the mines get back to site:

“The boundaries of every concession should be well demarcated and pillared, the nature of the pillars should be well specified so that we reduce disputes between farmers, The District Assemblies and the concession holders. In addition, the limits of the concession can then be strictly adhered to as well as after mining, stakeholders can hold the investor responsible for any deviation and,

“the source of water for washing the minerals mined should be determined as well as the direction of flow should be indicated so that it could be ascertained whether or not it would flow into an existing river and contaminate the water body.”

Touching on the issue of Herdsmen, President Edwin Addo-Tawiah, noted that….,

“continuing conflict between some  Herdsmen and owners of lands in various communities in our country is a source of worry for us all as a people. In the absence of clear policy guidelines for grazing in this country there continues to be violations of the rights of many of our citizenry”.

The Ghana institution of Surveyors proposes the following to help bring peaceful coexistence between the herdsmen, the land owners and the inhabitants of these communities:

Firstly, the creation of ranches in these communities, the ranches should be well demarcated to avoid boundary disputes.

Secondly, no land owner should be allowed to lease land without a site plan, and that the herdsmen should make payment for each cow that grazes in these ranches and thirdly, the growing of “hay farms” should be taken up as a serious venture so grass would be grown and the excess stored in appropriate structures for delivery at the times so required.

They have also called on the Ministry of Roads & Highways to enforce the road reservation rules and regulation and punish unhealthy practise by some motorists who encroach on the side roads whenever there is traffic.

“These encroachers include the some drivers of four-wheel drives, motor bikes, the tricycles and the four-wheel drive vehicles. The use of sirens by vehicles which are net so authorized is a source of worry to many law abiding citizens. These vehicles use their sirens and hazard light by some vehicles so they get ahead of law-abiding road users in a traffic situation.”

GhIS appealed to the National Council for Civic Education to educate the public on the use of these side rooms, with the view that immediate steps should be taken to purge the roads of these violations to save lives and property.

The 13th Surveyors’ Week & 49th Annual General Meeting is under the theme: “Industrialization & Wealth Creation The Role of the Surveyor”.

Source: Francis Edzorna Mensah

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