T.B. Joshua’s prayers ‘calm’ monster hurricane Irma?

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President Donald Trump has said the US may have got a “little bit lucky” after Hurricane Irma veered from its original course, reduced in ferocity and headed west along Florida’s coast. However, in far away Nigeria, followers of prominent Nigerian Prophet T.B. Joshua believe prayers were instrumental in the calming of the storm.

“This hurricane and winds will not affect Florida in the same way the hurricane affected Houston, Texas because believers around the world are crying to God,” the cleric announced early on Sunday 10th September 2017 in a post on his official Facebook Page, followed by three million people.

Joshua had earlier lamented that his previous prophetic messages concerning an impending natural disaster were not heeded because people ‘did not believe’.

“Such a prayer is not all up to one man. God may show one man the vision but he will need the people and the nations concerned to pray with him… because two believers are better than one,” he stated.

According to the cleric, even though it was “too late”, God would “still listen to His people” and show mercy on Floridians.

Hurricane Irma initially bore down on the US State Florida with Category 4 winds but has since been downgraded to Category 1.

Although more than four million people are without electricity, the damage has been nothing compared to what was experienced by those in Texas hit by Hurricane Harvey.

Additionally, the death toll from Hurricane Harvey stands at 71 whereas only 4 have reportedly lost their lives through Hurricane Irma in Florida.

On February 19th, 2017, Joshua had warned of natural disasters that would “move from country to country” as a result of “momentum in the sea which will look strange.”

He was recently in the headlines for his prophecy concerning the Kenyan election annulment.

Hurricane Irma
Hurricane Irma
Donald Trump
Donald Trump

Source: Ihechukwu Njoku || watched TB Joshua

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