Tema Mayor plans to wall all public schools in Tema

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The Metropolitan Chief Executive (MCE) of Tema, Felix Mensah Nii Annan-La, says he is ready to pursue an agenda of infrastructural development within the Metropolis to restore Tema to its past glory.

He observed that as a result of the implementation of policies such as the School Feeding Programme, enrollment in basic schools has increased, and facilities overstretched “therefore there is the pressing need for the Assembly to modernize, expand and in some instances, completely overhaul the existing facilities to accommodate our children,”.

Mr. Annan-La said, as part of the Tema Restoration Agenda, the TMA, is committed to providing access to quality education for every child in the Metropolis, adding that “our commitment hinges on the fact that a nation can only progress when its people are educated and have skills to support themselves.”

The Tema Metropolitan Director of Education, Mrs. Margaret Nsiah Asamoah, said the situation in most of the public schools within the Metropolis poses a threat to students and teachers, because the schools have become dumping sites for refuse with people regularly encroaching their lands.

She said “Others use the school as a walkway, with people walking through to their destinations and then thieves and mentally-ill people run through the facilities at anytime, so the move to construct the walls is really is in the right direction.”

Source: Kwesi Coomson, Parliament

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