Tension mounts at Gbawe as Chief clashes with Gyaasitse

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… Trade in Accusations

Investigations conducted by this paper have reveal that Gbawe in the Ga West Municipality of the Greater Accra Region is currently tensed up, resulting in an uneasy calm at the place. This follows a clash between the chief of the town, Nii Laryea Faamlitie II and 95-year old Gyaasitse, Nii Adam Kwartei Quartey, who also doubles as head of the Gbawe Kwatei family.

Consequently, the Gyaasitse has been compelled to vacate the palace which he put up and where he had been living all these years to live in his private home, where notwithstanding his numerous admirers and followers’ troop daily for various forms of consultation transactions.

Our investigations have revealed further that the chief has accused the Gyaasitse and his secretary Solomon Nii Afutu of not only selling lands indiscriminately including those meant for secondary school, market and other social amenities, but also those on water ways and water lodged ones, as a result of which renders Gbawe flooded at the slightest down pour.

According to the chief, even though he is the gazetted and paramount chief of the town, neither he nor his principal elders in town have their signatures penned on any document on land sold at the place, and that all sold lands documents bore only the signatures of Gyaasitse Nii Adam Quartey and his secretary Afutu.

When this reporter approached Nii Adam Quartey for his version of this accusation he denied the allegation and instead accused the chief of rather selling lands meant for market etc, hiding behind land guards.

The Chief, Nii Faamlitie had also accused the Gyaasitse of instigating one Adam Nana, to come and assassinate him.

Following which he had caused the arrest of Adam Nana about a month earlier, with the case still pending at the Greater Accra Regional Police (Central) Police Station. Nii Faamlitie had also accused the Gyaasitse of masterminding an attack on him by a group of people on August 30, 2005.

The Chief had also accused the Head of family (Gyaasitse) of not rendering accounts on lands sold to him, and when he asked him, (Gyaasitse), he flared up, with the resultant attacks on him.

Reacting to these accusations, Nii Adam Quartey gathered some of his elders including, Adam Nana, Albert Quartey, Numo Obinka II and Isaac Nii Laryea Quartey Ag. Gyaasitse with Ibrahim Otoo as spokesperson. This took place in his private home at Gbawe last Friday, August 3, 2018.

While describing the alleged attack and assassination attempts on the chief as baseless and unfounded, they rather accused the chief of selling lands set aside by Nii Adam Quartey for Secondary School, Market and other social amenities, hiding behind land guards.

They also accused the chief of selling lands with his documents prepared for him by Nii Adam Quartey, mentioning a recent one he (chief) sold at Mammono for ¢1.5billion (GH¢150m).

On the question of the chief not signing land documents, Nii Adam Quartey and his group stated that it had come as a sanction for the chief, following clandestine moves by him (chief) to remove the name of the Gyaastse from the Lands Commission where the name of the Gyaasetse has been since 1973.

They maintained that since time immemorial, it has been the tradition that family lands in the catchment area of the town should always be enstrusted into the care and custody of the Gyaasetse, head of family, a privilege, which the chief’s late father, Kpakpa Badu enjoyed too.

They indicated that when Nii Faamlitie was enstooled chief in 1994, by Nii Adam Quartey he was signing land documents alright along side Nii Adam Quartey.

However, in 2005, he plotted to remove the name of Nii Adam Quartey from the lands commission. And as tradition demanded, the family had to suspend him from signing documents. On this suspension issue, they maintain that he was not the first to suffer such a sanction, stressing that even then he still sells lands with papers on such sold lands prepared for him by Nii Adam Quartey.

The group also accused the chief of selling burial lands to non-residents of Gbave against agreement that such lands be reserved for only residents. They further stated that the Gyaasitse’s name had been at court, the Ga Mantse’s Palace, the Regional and National Houses of Chiefs and many more places. Therefore, any attempt by anyone to remove it sounded abominable, punishable and sanction-oriented, hence his (chief’s) sanction and suspension.

Touching on the alleged attack on him, in 2005, the group maintained that while at the palace on that fateful day August 30, 2005 thrashing an issue, a group of youth with “Tsooboi”! entered the place, thereby disrupting proceedings.

When asked why their action, they told the elders that the lands that had been reserved for the Asafo Group, were being exchanged for cars by the chief and some of his elders, hence their “Tsooboi! mission to the palace.

They stated that not happy with their behavior Nii Adam Quartey fined them and they obliged. According to them, the day later, Nii Faamlitie sent the youth to court, but lost the case. They produced documents to that effect.


According to Nii Adam Quartey and his group, he was made Gyaasetse to replace the Chief’s late father Kpakpo Badu in 1973 when he became weak and could not represent the family’s interest anywhere – court, traditional council, etc any longer.

Nii Adam Quartey mentioned that his late father, Nii Boye Kojo Quartey was chief of Gbawe from 1932 to 1959 when he passed away. Thereafter, Nii Seekaloh Badu was made regent till 1961 when Nii Kpakpa Osiakwan II was made chief in place of Nii Kojo Quartey but in 1979 he also passed away.

He said since Kpakpa Badu, the chief’s father was the most senior they all supported him and in 1962, there was a court case and the family was represented by Badu.

However, he had come week and could not attend court any longer so the mantle fell on Adam to represent the family in court.

In 1973, Badu passed away, and Adam acted alone on behalf of the family in all capacities, till 1994 when he (Adam) enstooled Nii Faamlitie as Chief of Gbawe.

Nevertheless, the status quo that the Gyaasitse was the custodian of family lands remained. All the same Nii Faamlitie was made signatory to land documents until 2005 when he surreptitiously moved to remove the Gyaasi’s name from Lands Commission, resulting in his sanctioning and suspension.

The group also disclosed that the chief had caused to be published in “The Chronicle” news paper that the attack on him in 2005 was masterminded by Nii Adam Quartey. And that even though he had come pleading with Nii Quartey for forgiveness all efforts impressed on him by family members to have the article retracted have fallen on death ears till date.

On the issue of accountability, the group indicated that Nii Faamlitie did not approach the Gyaasetse personally not on the mattter, but went straight to court, where his case was struck out, proving it with supporting documents.

Nii Adam Quartey’s group maintained that the chief had access to everything, and that he was only being  mischievous via these allegations and accusations.

Meanwhile, in an earlier interview, Nii Faamlitie II had called on government to intervein in the sales of land at Gbawe.

Source: S.O Ankramah

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