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The President of the Republic of Ghana , His excellency Nana Akufo-Addo has once again failed to acknowledge the existence of a certain town called Teshie and a constituency called Ledzokuku.

The President in appointing ministers of state to assist him run the affairs of the country decided to parry away the practice under this 4th Republican constitution where Members of Parliament of Ledzokuku are given ministerial appointments by deciding to ignore the current Member of Parliament , Dr. Okoe Boye during his ministerial appointments.

On the President’s second tour of the Greater Accra Region, the President has once again decided not only to ignore touring Teshie to assess our developmental challenges but has also chosen once again to disrespect our traditional leadership by asking them to assemble at Nungua in order to address them just in a similar fashion where they were asked to move to La to be addressed in same vain during the President’s first tour of Greater Accra Region.

While as a town we believe in collaborating with our neighbouring towns in identifying and addressing the developmental challenges we both face, its imperative we are treated as distinct town with unique traditional values and identity that must be acknowledged and respected and also our peculiar problems cant be shared outside the walls of our traditional and political boundaries with the first gentleman of the land.

With a population and land size bigger than La and Nungua and pressing developmental issues like the abandoned Teshie Link road which was under construction before the current President assumed the reigns of governance but has been abandoned and a litany of other abandoned projects , one wonders why the President always ignores Teshie whenever he decides to embark on tour to assess ongoing projects and developmental challenges across the region.

While as a people we acknowledge we have a divided traditional front, it is difficult to understand why the President can not pay homage to both traditional councils like how it is done for both traditional leadership in Nungua who are also faced with a peculiar division at their traditional leadership front.

As citizens of Ghana, indigenes and residents of Teshie, I urge our President to respect the sanctity of our traditional authority , respect our our traditional authorities and uphold the independence of our political boundary and administration by doing away with the practice of moving our political and traditional leadership away from Teshie to meet him anytime he tours Greater Accra.

I also urge the President to find time to visit our constituency to have a first hand information on our developmental challenges with a view to finding rapid solutions to them to alleviate the hardships our people face.

Seth Nii Attoh M-Sowah

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