The Adenta Road Carnage and Demonstration: Police brutality nonsense and Unprofessionalism

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I write in the heaviness of my heart to register my displeasure about the unfortunate brutalities we shamefully recorded as a nation from the Ghana Police yesterday. The demonstration followed a series of unheeded calls for government to work on an abandoned footbridge that have left the lives of many perished there from reckless drivers.

This year alone, 195 citizens have lost their lives on that stretch following government’s refusal to complete the footbridge. Out of this 195, 5 were students of the West African Senior High school (WASS). This bizarre situation has left many parents with the option of having to withdraw their wards from schools on the Madina-Adenta Stretch.

May the souls of all victims of the Madina-Adenta stretch and and other bad road accident victims rest in peace.

We shall revenge your death by voting out this elephant mess of a government in 2020.

The people of Adenta were justifiably demonstrating against the careless government of the day and all we could do as a nation is to add insult to the injury they are bearing. The unprofessional police fired live bullets to disperse the demonstrating crowd and rendered many innocent people badly wounded. So has it gotten to a point that unarmed citizens would have to be shot at while embarking on a legitimate demonstration?

Have things under ‘sleeping Joe'(Nana Akufo-Addo) gotten this bad? That we have to abandon projects for political expedience and watch many citizens die?

That Government will priortise the construction of a national Cathedral and abandon social projects like the Madina-Adenta footbridge, the Eastern corridor and the Bolga-Bawku-Pulmako roads etc?

Governance is a continuous business, you come, you serve, then you go! It is as simple as that, but it’s however, shocking President Nana Addo has failed to recognize that and continue with all developmental projects he inherited?

Ghana is currently in the hands of a blind driver, on a reverse gear, taking directions from a dumb mate! That’s the unfortunate situation we currently find ourselves as a nation. I will like to use this medium, to issue a stern warning to Sleeping Joe (Nana Addo) that the youth and by extension, Ghanaians have had enough of your cluelessness, that has seen you decide to supervise wanton sleaze and graft which has bedevilled this regime. We will soon hit the streets of the country to drum home our point since that’s the only language this government understands.

Mr. President, enough is enough, caution your unprofessional IGP and his men and whilst at that, fix our roads or face our wrath.

To my fellow Youth of this country, very soon, you will be free from this terrible regime, brutalizing demonstrators on the streets of the country, looting state resources with reckless abandon and sheepishly paying huge sums of taxpayers monies to its lazy elephant size appointees, which is an elephant mess.

We shall overcome the oppressors with the help of the Almighty God!

Your Comrade,
Assibid Dauda
The Binduri Youth Activist

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