The MenzGold Saga!

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Those of us who are busily commenting on the Menzgold saga let us be very fair to the issues.

Before I continue, can u provide evidence of what u said and/or wrote about the DKM/GOD IS LOVE etc some 3 – 4 years ago.

Well, the narrative has, and should not change. It’s the people who out of dishonesty are changing what was said about the DKM/GOD IS LOVE saga.

In the DKM/GOD IS LOVE saga, private individuals decided to invest their monies in wholly private companies for some returns on their investments. These individuals entered into agreements with DKM/GOD IS LOVE. The latter breached the said agreements and could not pay the returns on the investments they had promised their customers and later could not also pay the principal amounts these individuals invested! In the end, these persons lost their investments!

Some of the investors sued DKM/GOD IS LOVE. Some had their monies, others didn’t get.

Then the issue was unfortunately pushed into the political playing field. Some elements within the NPP in the then Brong Ahafo Region blamed government for the lost of investments and promised to pay the investors if it came to power! The investors would not listen to govt explanations that two private parties do not enter into a contract and later blame government for its non-performance.
The above generally were the facts of the DKM/GOD IS LOVE matter.

Fast forward to 2018/19, the Menzgold saga is similar to the DKM/GOD IS LOVE matter and interestingly some of those who supported the DKM/ GOD IS LOVE customers to blame govt for their woes, are now either quiet or questioning the propriety of Menzgold customers threatening govt to intervene and possibly pay their investments back to them!

As I have indicated earlier in the DKM/GOD IS LOVE issue, govt could not be blamed for the investments that went bad but we gave govt the bad name because of politics! Now, seriously speaking how could govt be blamed for the investments in Menzgold that have gone bad? How could govt be called upon to pay investors’ money to them? With whose money should government pay these investors their deposits with Menzgold?

Just like the DKM/GOD IS LOVE case, those behind the schemes were arrested and their companies liquidated. Their assets were sold and the money used to pay some of the investors!

In the same vein, some arrest would have to be made in this Menzgold saga, the company liquidated and if they have any assets, sell same off to pay some of the investors!

Let me however state that customers of Menzgold, just like DKM/GOD IS LOVE customers, are not interested in arrests that will not result in payment of their deposits to them! They want their money.

Now, regrettably though, the ball has once again been played into the political arena by the Menzgold customers simply because of govt handling of the DKM/GOD IS LOVE, with govt through the Finance Minister boasting that it has paid DKM customers.

If that is the case, why blame Menzgold customers if they want govt to treat them the same way it claims it has treated DKM customers?

On the alleged warrant of arrest issued for the arrest of the CEO of Menzgold, Nana Appiah Mensah, me thinks it is a smoke screen by govt to be seen to be doing something. The arrest of NAM will not bring the money even though they (operatives of Menzgold) claim they will still pay the customers. It appears to be like the Kwasi Nyantakyi case, it “boiled and cooled like iced water”!

Going forward we must refuse to be blindfolded by what people with vested interest tell us.

Government, please, come out and tell the Menzgold customers what they ought to hear and not what they want to hear.

The Ghana we live in!

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