The National Cathedral and Moral Bankruptcy

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The issue of the National Cathedral is engaging us again.

This issue perfectly illustrates the moral bankruptcy of our governing classes.

So, our religious leaders, who preach to congregations of the unwashed, uneducated, hungry, sick and poor week in, week out, met and decided to build, not a national library, not another hospital, not a fleet of ambulances, not free toilets but a national Cathedral!


So that, from time to time, the masses can gather to watch them reflecting the glory and majesty of God? Where are the moral priests? What happened to John 8:32 “And ye shall know the truth and it shall make you free”? After the priests get their cathedral where will be the moral wherewithal, to call the government out for profligate spending?
And then, in the name of eminent domain, structures used by judicial and other government services are to be torn down– and Lawyer Sampson Ayenini is advising the judiciary to petition the Council of State to advise the President that the policy is ill-advised? What about a law-suite restraining the government from expropriation of the land? If the judiciary cannot see this egregious abuse of eminent domain, what can they see?

So what is next? A national Mosque followed by a National Shrine to our gods like Antoa, Tigare, etc?

Why can’t the religious leaders raise funds, get private land and build a National, privately funded cathedral? Their congregations will fund it and I will contribute to it. Why must our poor, indebted government fund all our fantasies and bequeath the costs to our children and their children? What happened to aspiring to be like Rwanda where they are controlling the growth of churches? Which other poor country on earth will use national resources to build a Cathedral when it lacks ambulances and hospitals?

The National Cathedral issue is only another evidence of the pervasive catering to the whims of the powerful and privileged by successive governments dating back to our independence. It is the principle at work when our governments subsidize pilgrimages by elite Muslims to Mecca even while the poor in our Zongos lack toilets, schools and clinics. The subsidies for Mecca must be transferred to the Zongo Development ministry, to build toilets and schools and clinics for the masses in the Zongos. Allah would support that. I am firm that that depriving the Zongo masses of amenities to fund pilgrimages offends Allah.
We must return to the ideals of our founding fathers– a nation that aspires to a property-owning democracy, centered in Freedom and Justice for all, not just the powerful.

God bless Ghana.

Source: Arthur Kennedy

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