The place of ARTS and SCIENCE in GHANA’s contemporary POLITICS

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Fellow Citizens of the Republic,


“In the pursuit of our total self development in private and public politics, we need to separate the operations of the ARTS in Government and the core EMPERICAL party politics”.


1. The Party works on manifesto containing engineered policies for the state should it win power.

2. Research is extensively conducted in an attempt to meet the needs of the citizenry.

3. Electorates interactions remains a life wire in determining schedules for the human capital development and service towards the delivery of policy initiatives through series of social interventions.

The list may continue depending on your socio-POLITICAL position in the chain.

ARTS – The soul of the Government:

1. This is a pure breed of all the facets of the economy (Micro – decision making/ Macro – human capital development).

2. Managerial aspects of the socioeconomic environment is worked to ensure stability.

3. All social needs and government machinery are serviced to suit purpose without unnecessary delays.

The list may continue depending on who you are, what you do and where you find yourself.

ANALYSIS- The Qualitative approach

For the sake of true forcast towards sustainability and the achievement of real time programs of the Government of the day, a forensic audit on policies and value adding must continue simultaneously to keep up with _DELIVERY, TIME and Performance without fail.

A systematic decentralisation of information from the top to the base is crucial to keep hopes alive even if there are delays or system failure.

Every GOVERNMENT procedure must follow the respective PROCUREMENT ACTs 663 / 914 with optimum performance measurement at the various stages in the cycle.

Inasmuch as there are natural issues, we all with open face must hold government or parties accountable for their commitment towards national development without mincing words – whether in opposition or incumbent.


Every desired advancement of any political SYSTEM demands practical adjustments to meet target if possible, since scarce resources play strategic roles in that path.

Let’s remain committed citizens who believe in patriotism. This I mean, be a citizen and not a spectator towards national issues.

It is possible together to make Ghana great and STRONG for generations yet unborn.



29th August, 2018

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