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The Revolution In The World Of Energy Drinks Is Here!

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KABISA, together with Yokefellows Company Limited are pleased to announce the arrival of KABISA Energy Drink in Ghana. This beverage is produced by an international energy drink company headquartered in Poland with a growth rate of over 200% in the last two years. Both companies have come together to offer the Ghanaian consumer a unique product, which will add value to every occasion.

KABISA Energy Drink reflects true African values and lifestyle, no wonder it is currently the most popular beverage in many African countries. After having a successful launch and constantly rising sales in the Sub-Saharan region, KABISA energy drink is on the right path to become the #1 energy drink in Ghana.

Head of Marketing for Yokefellows Ltd Mr. Michael Anie admits that he is excited about spearheading the introduction of KABISA to the Ghanaian consumer and believes the product will revolutionize the energy drink

He said: “Working with KABISA team is not a random choice but a carefully thought through decision due to their
professionalism, market support and knowledge of the African market. Their excellent customer service and support teams will make a huge difference in the development of the Ghanaian energy drink market.

Besides, KABISA definitely stands out from its competitors.

Unlike most energy drinks which contain glucose syrup and artificial sweeteners, KABISA is healthy using only naturalsugar and is high in vitamins.”

Most importantly the beverage is manufactured using natural pasteurization method which makes KABISA a high-quality energy drink. By using only the best ingredients KABISA is able to achieve a smooth and delicious taste, which makes it the perfect companion when hanging out with friends.

KABISA Energy Drink will be available soon in local shops, supermarkets, bars and restaurants across Ghana.

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