The Rulers’ Constitution

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The rulers are those persons of significant knowledge who, in appreciating the fact that life is a game, create the right teams to know, to play, to win and to evolve the game. The masses on the other hand are the spectators who, in seeing that life is a game, choose to follow teams and watch the games. The following are the supreme laws of the rulers.

The rulers are great. They are destined to rule. They must always prove and maintain their superiority over the rest by whatever means necessary.

The rulers have an unquenchable curiosity and an insatiable need to know everything there is to know especially of the things that other rulers know and do. They eavesdrop on every important event or practice. They keep organized records of things. They are they therefore, updated and highly competitive.

Each ruler or sub-group of rulers has the drive and the proven ability to observe, to detect and to record patterns, sequences and governing order in repeating events. Each ruler or sub-group of rulers has the passion and the demonstrable ability to pay attention to; to isolate, to identify and to determine the effective causes of named events. They therefore have the ability to formulate true, verifiable and useful laws and principles for creating and maintaining desired outcomes. The rulers are scientists, experts and inventors.

The rulers cannot achieve their objectives in chaos. They are aware that the foundation of power is order. Therefore, in everything they do, the rulers work systematically. They leave nothing to chance. Rulers prefer to name, to measure, to count and to record everything logically according to well-thought out systems and programs that minimize errors, wishful-thinking and the probability of significant failures.

Rulers know that successful human events invariably arise from functional and continuing collaboratives. Therefore, rulers go to great lengths to master their crafts and to be “bosses” in defined areas. Every ruler must be accomplished or he must be an expert in some significant function. This ensures that each ruler or sub-group of rulers has something to contribute to a close partnership of experts cooperating with one another towards a clearly defined and desirable objective. Rulers value two things: division of talent and the sharing of expertise with one another.

The rulers know and believe that unless pulled together by a connecting function or power, a number of different actors with different objectives tend to work against one another. Therefore, each ruler or sub-group of rulers is willing to submit itself to a rule of law that guarantees clearly defined and fixed: positions, responsibilities, risks and rewards for each person or sub-group. Each ruler accepts the rule that the failure of the greater group shall lead to the failure of the lesser. Therefore, each ruler protects the group and he is prepared to sacrifice as much as is necessary in order to ensure continuity, success and growth of the rulers. Every ruler is a team-player.

The rulers know that cheating, perversion or deviance destroys operational effectiveness and undermines the organizational coherence and the successes of the group. Therefore, the rulers are swift and merciless in condemning, removing or weakening deviants, cheats, “outsiders”, “radicals” all of whom are effectively treated as enemies of the game: of progress. The rulers are disciplined, just unto themselves; and they do not tolerate disloyalty, traitors and morons.

The rulers cannot accept any form of authority that makes them equal to the “herd”. Therefore, they constantly seek new forms of know-how, of authority and of power through new thinking, new relationships, new methods, new tools and evolving rules and imagination. The rulers are always inventing and re-inventing their worlds and they stand ready to anticipate, to embrace and to become master of “useful” change that keep them constantly ahead.

The rulers know that the greater the number of the rulers, the lesser the pie for each. Therefore, acting as gate-keepers and masters of the domain, the rulers invariably seek ways to permanently limit access to the hierarchy through a variety of well-planned educational, financial, legal and cultural events that create “facts”, “truths” and a “natural” order confirming their superiority and right to rule. The rulers are a brotherhood. They cannot be “everybody”. They must control access to the tribe in order to maintain their grip on power.

The rulers know that the vast majority of persons prefer being spectators to being leaders and innovators. Give the people what they want and they will chant the right anthems in support of the game. The vast majority of people can be systematically programmed to think, feel, desire and act as directed through various institutions, narratives and media in order to ensure the types of desired understanding, imagination, acceptance, passion and affection that deepen and strengthen the existing and evolving order of the rulers. Domination over the majority requires control over the dominant thinking, feeling, survival, prosperity and even the imagination of the majority. The rulers are therefore master programmers and planners over the majority. The rulers are masters of education, of communication, of culture, of the arts, of politics, of business and of the very sciences of man.

This Constitution is NOT subject to amendment. It is binding on all rulers at all times.

Date: Current


Source: By Nana Oppong

The Writer is the President of the Distinguished Scholars of Africa

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