The youth must join the fight against Corruption

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THE call by South Tongu Director of National Commission on Civic Education (NCCE) Oral Robert Amenyo on students in senior high schools and the youth to join the campaign against corruption is a welcome idea which must be supported by all and sundry.

THIS is because corruption related activities are becoming a worry to all, and each and every one must join in the efforts being made by the current administration and other anti-corruption organisations  to fight the canker.

WE think Ghanaians especially, the youth must be sensitized on key issues of corruption and also to motivate them to appreciate the critical role they can play in deepening public accountability in the country.

WE must not give up on the fight against corruption, and we must begin from somewhere. That is why it is  important for the NCCE to sensitise second cycle educational institutions  and youth organisations to inculcate in them the need to avoid corruption.

ALTHHOUGH corruption has been with us for a long time, it is necessary we uproot it because of its devastating effects on the economy and governance.

WHAT is more worrying is  the fact that, corruption is found at every facet of  our lives including churches, mosques, schools, workplaces  and the business community.

BUT   several attempts by successive governments and other anti-corruption organisation to fight corruption have  failed to achieve the intended purpose hence the need to robe in students who are yet to join the working population.

WE believe the practice if not checked  can lead to shortage of essential commodities  in our schools, hospitals, inadequate educational facilities, and  poor sanitation.

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