“There’s always something awesome and uniquely interesting about the whole human drama”

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Interesting thought provoking debate amongst the Ghanaian publics. If anyone asked me about what I make of a pant-sagging Dancehall Artiste and a Brilliant Dentist (who had swept academic laurels to the admiration of all within the medical fraternity and beyond), my answer, well, I would never have thought of it happening in ‘Ghana’.

Maybe in America or the UK, possibly still with some reservations. Anyway, personally I have been excited in one breath and equally surprised in another pattern of thought. We are generally not used to these kind of surprises in real life happenings, we only saw them in Nigerian movies, ‘a couple with sharp contrasting personalities defying all the odds and making it to the matrimonial dream.

As I said, I am excited about the latest couple because we (Ghanaians) are being presented with a new twist to the long held perception about what could be counted or considered possible about this wonderful human drama. An awe on our consideration against what many would silently tout as weird. Stonebwoy may have a whole set of perspectives about life which when personally encountered may throw more clarity on the persona.

Saying this, I don’t miss what you have been thinking; earring, pant-sagging, punky dreadlocks etc. Lol.

The ladies will be like, ‘ but did Louisa also choose right? How did she convince her parents? Wait a minute, don’t you think that my brother Stonebwoy had to do all the work convincing Louisa’s parents? He must be an awesome, clean guy beyond the stage life. I guess its easier for the Dentist to wow the other party?.

Well , let me not write too much to bore you. All I want to say here is that everything is possible. Remember that there’s always something awesome and uniquely interesting about the whole human drama.

Source: Albert Mensah Betos

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