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When Things Fall Apart and the Center cannot Hold in AUCC

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Arise Hon. Kojo Yankah for your students are wailing and suffering, don’t turn deaf ears to our pleas for we do not know who else to turn to for help. Listen to our lamentations and judge for yourself if fair treatment and respect is accorded to the students in your noble institution; African University College of Communications (AUCC) who want to really discover themselves.

Some students for the past week have not set foot to any of the lecture halls, not because they do not come to school but because the AUCC ‘terminal 3’ has refused to grant them access, simply because they have not paid their fees.

Dear founder, yes we know we have defaulted in payment but isn’t it the reason we are paying penalty? If we are prevented from attending lectures because we haven’t paid our fees, may I ask in all humility, that, when we finally pay our fees and of course the penalty which will be the first thing to even be deducted, will the lectures we missed be reorganized for us?

Sir, our hearts are bleeding and anger is gradually filling the once loving heart we had for AUCC. We are University students for crying out loud, why sack us for school fees like some basic school pupils? We need to be treated with respect. This embarrassment must stop now because the end result won’t be anything good to write home about. When was this communicated to students that, no verification by the AUCC ‘terminal 3’, no entry; we are a communication school and need to practice what we teach in the lecture halls. We don’t have any contract with the ‘terminal 3’, so why is that a yard stick to determine whether we attend lectures or not.

I know some people will wonder why we want to wash our dirty linen in public when we have channels to pass through to register our grievances. Well drastic measures are taken especially when the going is tough. The immediate channel to contact should be the Student’s Representative Council (SRC) but do we even have an SRC in AUCC? No we don’t! What we have in AUCC are a group of students who have besieged power for their selfish interest. An SRC fight for the good of its students, they firmly ensure that the needs of students as well as grievances are met and above all they are duly elected, sworn in by the appropriate office and handed over power successfully by their predecessors to continue the race. Correct me if am wrong, but that wasn’t the case of this self-acclaimed SRC officers, the election was in shambles; people were disenfranchised due to the time of voting, candidates forming allies at the eleventh hour, some electoral commissioners resigning even on day of voting, interference by the director of students among others.

Hon. Kojo Yankah, I remember I brought this electoral mayhem to your notice some days after the elections, it’s been months and nothing has been done about it. We haven’t lost hope yet, our fingers are still crossed hoping that, there will be light at the end of the tunnel.

How can a council that doesn’t reflect the true representation of the student body fight for the interest of the people it doesn’t recognise….student’s from all levels complain of the unavailability of their results on the students portal, is this new to the SRC…talk about the unhygienic conditions in the washrooms and you will wonder if a welfare officer was part of the portfolios…as for AUCC SRC, the least talk about them the better.

Before I end, permit me to draw your attention as a council to the news trending on both social and traditional media with regards to the women’s week celebration 19, where Fella Makafui was invited as part of the guests to educate the women of this great university on entrepreneurship. Madam WOCOM you started very well and I must applaud you for that but your choice of Fella Makafui for an entrepreneurial talk in a University with various CEO’s and entrepreneurs in the likes of Mrs. Susan Malik of Flimps Events, Silva Lady of Oman FM, Giddytreats, etc. is way below the belt. If it was a funfair, I will understand but not when critical thinking is involved, where people are ready to acquire new ideas/skills and innovations for a fruitful future. Beauty and intelligence are two different things, when you have both it’s a blessing but beauty without intelligence becomes a deficiency.

For an Association of ‘wonna bees and slay queens’ perhaps there won’t be so much concern. Let’s draw the line and know when, where and who to invite to what program. It’s not about your personal interest nor relationship but about impacting something positive into the students and projecting the good image of AUCC as a whole. It’s not about putting out a ‘dead goat’ attitude for this, as a University that teaches Public Relations and Branding, I expect that we do something about this as soon possible.

I will put my pen to rest for now, hoping that the coming days will be productive and stress free especially with the AUCC ‘terminal 3’.



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