The Three Deception Tools

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Three things that have enslaved the world. Three things that have created a mass of dependent people. Three things that have numbed the independent creativity and innovation of the mind. Three things humans ignorantly argue that they have been liberated by them.

Schooling vs Education

Religion vs Faith

Politicasting vs Politics

The pillars that support these are one. DECEPTION.

Education liberates frees the mind to explore and soar. The principles of education are inquisitive exploration and scientific accidental discoveries. Any taught theory that does not demand a questioning of and disposing of contextual flaws is not education. It is a deceptive programming of the mind for exploitation.

Religion operates on fear (hell, stick) and reward (heaven, carrot) principles. It manipulates emotions and mutilates the brain. It creates a pen of superstition for witchcraft habitation. It deify the ‘gods’ of religious enterprises called churches, mosques, shrines etc, and lazy the lions of youthful labour. Religion drives the creation away from the creator, and sows seed of division among humanity.

Faith is founded on the LOVE of GOD and the spiritual principle of a sinful struggle towards perfection. GOD’s recognition of a sinful soul but a godly spirit, and HIS abundant and constant provision of a path of mercy and grace for redemption. Faith is a personal journey of faults, weaknesses, consequences of action, and hope to live the character of GOD in yourself. In his presence, there his liberty.

Politics equalise the distribution of resources and ‘equitise’ the opportunity of wealth creation. It harnesses potentials and promotes unique individual gifting and talents for collective benefit and for the advancement of a people, a nation and the world. Politics elect servant-leaders.

Politicasting is petty, mischievous, exploitative and elect rulers to be sycophantically ‘appellated’ and glorified. They assume office lean and exit office fat. It strives on promises not thought through and policies that are populistically unsustainable. It thrives on tribalism, racism and deliberate deepening of ignorance of the masses and mis-education, and the deceptive control of the mind of young minds. Politicasting creates extreme partisan notion and infallibility of ‘my party’. And the false notion that deaden the youthful mind into thinking that, individual success in life is tied to the success of the political party he/she belongs to.

I am a politician, I was schooled, and I was religious. Get out of these deceptive equation.


Source: Kofi B. Kukubor

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