Thus Saith the Lord…Oh Ye People of Denkyira-Buase

It seems the name Denkyira-Buase will not go away easily. After callously killing an innocent military officer, Major Maxwell Mahama, the people of this town stage-managed a mock funeral for the officer, and women were seen on social media mourning the innocent man they wilfully murdered.

Some weeks ago, a renowned man of God, Sam Korankye-Ankrah, came out to prophesy, if I may use the word, that the natives of this town were cursed by God for generations to come, and what God had in store for them is that no one will exceed the age the military officer had attained before his life was wickedly and inhumanely cut short. Meaning, no one will attain the age of thirty-three.

A section of the nation, especially people of Denkyira-Buase, had a bone to pick with the man of God. Assuming that, indeed, Korankye-Ankrah’s word were true words from God, no amount of backlashing can reverse the curse.

What is curious about the words of the Pastor was the fact that they offered a solution to stop the curse. God has a way of threatening man with punishment, and, at the same, a loving Father as He is, He would offer a remedy to halt that punishment, or accept one to turn His anger away. We have the case of Nineveh in Jonah 3:10, when God reversed a curse, after He saw the accepted actions of the people. Then a popular instance in 2 Kings 20:1-6 and Isaiah 38:1-5, when God cursed Hezekiah to die shortly, but upon seeing the King’s heart, He added fifteen years to his life.

Rightly so, Sam Korankye-Ankrah, basing his preaching on many instances in the Bible, especially, the fact that God hears the cries of innocent blood and does swift justice, he added the solution to stop the curse, and that was three days of fasting and prayers. And this is what the people of Denkyira-Buase and others could not fathom – Just three days, while others went forty days. Sinners want to decide for God.

The man of God owes no apology here with what looks like a divine packaged prophesy on Denkyira-Obuase. And, as he rightly put it, and I quote: As a Prophet of God, it is my divine duty to call the nation to order under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, and I do this with full knowledge that I am also accountable to God.” It is very evident that God is not happy with the people of Denkyira-Buase, as He never is happy with murders and others who commit all forms of injustice.

Some people are claiming that the murder of Maxwell Mahama was not the first ever in this country. Yes, we know! All killing be killing, yes, we are aware. However, there is something more callous and inhumane about the way the Major was killed. The whole act was video recorded and put into the public domain. This was the reason why the whole world sat up and cried against Denkyira-Buase.  All other forms of lynching are never recorded, so why this one? Could it be that the people in that town want to tell Ghanaians something? Something about how ruthless they are? Could it be that, as has been said around, truly, the whole town is blood thirsty? We heard they cut off the head of their Queenmother and drove their Chief away. The immediate past District Chief Executive (DCE) in the National Democratic Congress (NDC) regime had publicly stated that killing is a normal way of life in Denkyira-Buase. So, as we can all see, they wanted to have historically-documented records on how they kill human beings, and so they took a video shot at this one.

Men of little knowledge about the ways of God are saying that there were several instances of lynching in this country and no one was cursed, so why Denkyira-Buase?

Firstly, no one can tell what God has been doing in the lives of other murderers. It could be that He has decided to leave some of them for the life hereafter, where the ultimate punishment will be the hell fire.

It could also be all about the heart. King Saul committed grievous sins against God and his reign was cut short, but King David did what was worse, by committing adultery, and then killing the woman’s wife so that he could marry her and cover his shame. David quickly acknowledged his sins and pleaded with God, and he was spared. It is all about what is in the heart.

Zachariah was told by an angel that his aged wife would have fruit of the womb, and even though he had been praying for a child, he asked how that could be possible, due to their advanced ages, and God punished him. Mary was also approached by an angel and told she would bear a child, and she questioned about that since she knew no man. Here, Mary was not punished but glorified and named, Full of Grace, Kercharitomene, and became the Mother of God. (St. Luke 1: 18-20; 30-37). It is all about what is in the heart.

Judas betrayed Jesus, but through that he fully acknowledged Him for who He was. (St. Luke 22:47-48). And even though he later repented, he took his life, and so had a bad end. (St. Matthew 27:3-10). Peter, however, denied Jesus three times, thereby not acknowledging Him at all (St. Luke 22: 54-62). He was, however, pardoned, and was put in charge of the Church. It is all about what is in the heart.

God sees the heart, and in it He sees man’s undisputed true feelings and desires. It is the things of our hearts that make Him decide what punishment we do deserve, or whether we should be pardoned unconditionally.

It is obvious the Lord God might have spoken through Sam Korankye-Ankrah, and the best thing for the people of Denkyira-Buase to do is to fast and pray for the three days, and fully and truly repent. They must count themselves favoured by God to have been told what is in store for them and how to escape it. Others have not been that lucky, and no one can guess what their final punishment will be.

And, mind you, we are not in the position to decide for God, how He should treat us.

He is a just and merciful God, and in case we do not know, His Mercy and Justice have the same level of potency. He is the architect of all creation, and in His wisdom, He can decide what punishment this or the other person, and, in fact, all of us, may receive for our sinfulness. Thus saith the Lord…Everyone should repent for the end is near.

Source: Daniel Dugan

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