How Tintri’s enterprise Cloud realises the ‘bi-modal’ vision

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As more and more CIOs look towards a target state that’s popularly, if loosely, defined by terms like ‘bi-modal IT’ or ‘two-speed architecture’, many wonder how to turn that vision into practical reality.

One approach positions the enterprise data centre at the heart of one’s IT estate – the nexus that connects applications, networks, security services, and customer- and staff-interfaces. And it’s here that Tintri has carved out a niche in the technology world: delivering the same agility and boundless extensibility as the public Cloud, but within the enterprise data centre.

It’s everything that we love about the public Cloud (the scalability, the limitless features, and the exciting artificial intelligence opportunities).

But it’s controlled, tailored and, of course, highly-secured – to fit the specific needs of your enterprise.

Easing the transition

Tintri represents a step-change in enterprise cloud architectures (which usually focus on providing support for traditional or custom-built applications that were not written for public Cloud environments).

Instead, Tintri’s all-flash architecture uses building blocks similar to the public cloud, to manage both these traditional ‘non-cloud’ applications, as well as more modern ‘cloud native’ applications (which are built from scratch in environments like Microsoft Azure or AWS for example).

This empowers organisations that are looking to transition from legacy architectures, including on-premise systems, towards more dynamic Cloud-based architectures.

As many CIOs realise, the essence of bi-modal IT is in maintaining the stability of core architectures, while simultaneously integrating new Cloud services into the IT landscape.

Holy Trinity

In helping CIOs on their quest to embrace modern digital architectures, Tintri enables something of a ‘holy trinity’ of enterprise Cloud platforms: automation, real-time analytics and self-service:

  • Automation… with APIs for all functions and services, organisations can incorporate Tintri storage into virtually any automation framework. While traditional storage vendors generally operate at the LUN level, Tintri lets you automate everything at the VM, vDisk, or container level (eliminating complexity from the automation processes).
  • Real-time analytics… so you can immediately see exactly what is happening at the VM and container level, and quickly resolve any issues. In fact, Tintri Analytics even offers predictive capabilities to help you better plan for your future storage and performance needs.
  • Self-service… incorporate Tintri’s storage into any self-service framework or portal, to give individual users more freedom and flexibility. The Tintri ChatOps even allows you to “talk to” your storage directly, using natural language, with the likes of Slack, Amazon Alexa and more. Provisioning VMs or responding to alerts suddenly becomes far more natural.

These features help to simplify the process of managing one’s Cloud platforms (Tintri has large customers that can manage petabytes of data with just a handful of man-hours per month!), and extend more services to general corporate users, via the natural-language interfaces that are available.

This dramatically reduces the pressure on the IT department, enabling them to spend less time ‘keeping the lights on’, and more time integrating advanced technologies that capture greater business value and transform their organisation’s into digital leaders.

DevOps and Agile

Becoming such a digital leader, or achieving the ‘two speed’ vision, relies heavily on having well-oiled DevOps and Agile capabilities. And for DevOps and Agile to be successful, you’ll need access to real-time copies of production data, and confidence that changes in a master VM are instantly reflected in all of the copies.

Agile and DevOps teams need access to ‘always-current’ data within the enterprise cloud (without impacting the production environment). Traditional storage solutions in private cloud environments simply can’t meet these real-time, distributed demands.

Tintri’s enterprise Cloud guarantees the A-grade performance that is needed for Agile and DevOps teams to move at rapid speed, and achieve their visions of continuous software delivery to users.

‘Bi-modal IT’ may forever remain something of an ethereal concept, but with practical tools like Tintri enterprise Cloud, it becomes possible to make concrete steps in the right direction, towards becoming a true ‘digital business’.

For more information, please contact Nigel Wynne, Tintri product manager at Networks Unlimited at

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The writer is the MD at Networks Unlimited, African value-added distributor of converged technology, data centre, networking, and security technology solutions.

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