Togo crisis: ECOWAS’ intervention pays off as parties set to dialogue

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The intervention of the ECOWAS in the political crisis in Togo has yielded positive results as the warring parties are
now set to dialogue. Information emanating from the ongoing 2nd Ordinary Session of the ECOWAS Parliament in
Abuja, Nigeria showed that both parties were now on the path of dialogue.

Two Members of Parliament representing Togo disclosed this while speaking during a meeting of the Parliament’s
Joint Committee on Political Affairs, Peace and Security and Africa Peer review Mechanism and Committee on Human Rights, Child Protection and other Vulnerable Groups.

Hon. Tchao Christophe Padoumhekou and Hon. AssewouwokanApekey representing the two rival parties in Togo told the committee that they had both agreed to dialogue.

They said that the government of Togo would soon begin to dialogue with the political class and all the aggrieved groups to put an end to the crisis and the agitations.

Recall that Togo had witnessed intense political crisis beginning from August 19 following a violent anti-government
demonstration. The crisis was further fueled by misunderstandings between the ruling Union PourlaRepublique (UPR)
and the Pan-African National Party (PNP).

The demonstrators among other things demanded Constitutional Reforms, Presidential term limit, a two round
voting system and voting rights for Togo nationals living outside the country. The demonstrations later metamorphosed to a call for the President to step down.

While commending Togo for the moves, Hon. Sampson Ahi (Ghana) who chaired the Joint Committee meeting
however urged the government of Togo not to stop at dialogue alone but urged both parties to find a common
ground that will help the country meet the yearnings and aspirations of its citizens as well as end the crisis and
killings for good.

The crisis in Togo had led to repression by security agencies and loss of lives while leaving demonstrators and
security personnel wounded.

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