Tow Levy: Jospong’s PR gimmick fails

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Chief Executive Officer of JOSPONG Groups Joseph Siaw Agyepong must be leaking his wounds in a combined anger and pain, as a deliberate Public Relations campaign to get the government to okay the controversy tow levy was unsuccessful, as government suspends implementation of the levy.

In a hurriedly arranged PR campaign on both Joy Fm and Metro TV, Mr. Siaw, whose business practices has come under criticisms for most Ghanaians for its  alleged unethical and corrupt nature, sold him as a good businessman with great  ideas who sees opportunities where the rest cannot see. He told Kojo Yankson on the Super Morning Show he has always been good at creating ideas and when he sees one, he “runs with it.”

According to him, his desire is to ensure he creates jobs for the majority of Ghanaians who are desperate to see their economic fortunes change.

When questions about the controversial tow levy came up, which he had hoped to operate had the implementation been successful, he said he has the capacity to run the system. Mr. Siaw said he was going to run the system like “Uber” and that would generate jobs for people.

He was to get more than 70 per cent of revenue from the monies that ought to have been collected from those going to the DVLA to renew their licenses.

But government over the weekend issued a statement announcing a suspension of the implementation of the policy, bringing Mr. Siaw’s dream of a windfall to a halt.


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