Traders want import levy tax regime abolished

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Traders in the country led by the Ghana Union of Traders Association (GUTA) are making fresh appeals to get the two percent special levy scrapped.

They argued that the continuous imposition of the charge adds unto the costs of its members and increased their retail prices.

The concerns by the traders’ union come at a time that government is collating inputs for the 2018 budget.

Executive Member of GUTA, Benjamin Yeboah, explains that they are also pushing for the government to reconsider the ECOWAS Common External Tariff (CET).

“We are still looking at the two percent special levy on general goods and we think that should also be reduced because that should give relief to majority of our members that bring goods into the country. we are also looking at the situation whereby the CET that was introduced last year were taking care of a major tariffs on items that are brought into the country.

We were looking at certain prices and we hope that the budget will look other tariffs that we complained about so that the five year’s timeline will be reversed,” he remarked.

Mr. Yeboah was also confident that the scrapping of the tax will position the local businesses to also compete favourably across the sub-region.

“We are looking at all these issues to make sure that these things are looked at so that finally when the 2018 budget comes, then our members could heave that sigh of relief.”

Upon assuming office, the NPP government has reviewed at least twelve taxes in fulfilment of a campaign promise to ease the tax burden on businesses.

As a result, this decision has seen the scrapping of some eight taxes and the revision of four others.

Government is also planning to reduce the corporate taxes for businesses from 25 to 20% effective next year.









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