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Unending MenzGold saga: Martin Amidu and Ayariga to the rescue of Government?

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Baring any last minute change in strategy, the Akufo-Addo led NPP Government’s propaganda prosecutions of former appointers of the NDC government is set to be the leading news item for major media houses in Ghana this week.

Reliable information intercepted by indicates that Special Prosecutor Martin Amidu is set with the docket of Mahama Ayariga, the MP for Bawku Central.

Deep throat sources have revealed to us confidential information detailing a sinister political ploy to arrest and prosecute the Bawku Central MP for various “offences” during his tenure as a Minister of the State.

Government intends that, this case will be the major news item beginning Monday this week and the coming days. The timing is to wave off the pressure under which it is currently reeling, especially with the MenzGold issues.

It would be recalled that, government has in recent times come under intense pressure for non performance by citizens.

The charges sighted show clearly that there is a mischief behind the intention to prosecute. The charges are essentially trumped up, largely frivolous, vexatious and of nuisance value and only intended to shift the focus of public discussion from the incompetence and numerous high profile corruption allegations against President Nana Akufo-Addo and his appointees, including but not limited to the President’s scandalous endorsement of Menzgold’s Nana Appiah Mensah (NAM1), the alleged incompetence displayed by the Jean Mensah led Electoral Commission (EC) in the recent held referenda, the unending banking crisis, among others.

Former president Jerry John Rawlings recently wondered what was holding back Martin Amidu from doing his job.

A research work by some fanatics of the NPP in the political science department of the University of Ghana has raised allegations of serious and deep rooted corruption in the current government.

All these issues have been very politically embarrassing for the government, causing it to GASP for breadth and search for  “ways and means” to deflate it.

‘…we must do everything within our strength to turn the heat on the opposition NDC….”  a top ranking member of the NPP/government has said

“….we must get Martin Amidu busy doing something. It doesn’t have to result in conviction. The most important thing is that, he is doing something, otherwise, people may believe that NDC was not corrupt after all….

“….their own Ex-president is the one making this call. So what’s our problem?….put it out there and let them struggle with it…..” The official added at a strategic meeting.

An independent legal observer (name withheld) however thinks that, Martin Amidu risks damaging his reputation for “accepting to do this dirty job”.

He must nonetheless justify his existence. “…..i think that’s why he has accepted to do it so as not to be seen as drawing salaries for nothing….”

More to come.


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