UNHCR applauds ECOWAS Parliament on security matters

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The ECOWAS Parliament had been commended for the depth of interest it has shown in matters of security crisis and human rights in West Africa.

The UNHCR’s Regional Representative for West Africa and Regional Refugee Coordinator for the Nigerian Situation, Ms Liz Kpam Ahua gave the commendation at its joint committee meeting which held in Dakar from 11 to 15 April, 2018.

She noted that the interest shown by the Parliament on human rights is an indication that policy makers, in this regard, the regional representatives, are willing to open discussions and raise awareness on this prevailing issue in the West African region.

The Regional Coordinator stressed the need for more emphasis to be placed on the observed drawbacks in the implementation of human rights initiatives.

“Such stumbling blocks include limited awareness on the availability of a unified travel documents for citizens of the West African Region, limited awareness on the established initiative aiding Right of Residence and Establishment, and either selective implementation, non-implementation or deliberate violation of the Articles of the Protocols”, she

Ms. Ahua enjoined Members of Parliament to throw their support behind the Protocols by giving priority to these issues as well as ensure full implementation of measures so that they can be rolled out across the region tangibly and beneficially, impacting citizens of West Africa.

She further reiterated that the UNCHR remains committed to the realization of its commitments to displaced population and continues to pledge its support and effort to protect the rights of the citizens of West Africa, ensure proper translation and application of all relevant national, international and regional humanitarian laws, particularly asylum seekers, refugees, returnees, IDPs and stateless persons.

Source: ECOPARL News

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