Veteran Journalist Frankie Asare-Donkoh lauds Mahama over KIA Terminal 3

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Veteran Journalist Frankie Asare-Donkor has commended former President John Mahama for constructing the TERMINAL 3 at the Kotoka International Airport. The veteran journalist posted a piece on his Facebook wall expressing his happiness over the construction of the terminal.

This was what Mr Frankie Asare-Donkor posted on his wall

“This is an international terminal

Let’s put all the politics (both the clean and dirty) aside and admit that Terminal 3 really makes the Kotoka International Airport, an international airport.

What I’v seen and the facilities I’v used at the terminal creates no doubt in my mind about the status of our airport as international.

The politics about who built it must not be the focus. The focus is to pat the shoulders of ex-President Mahama, under whose tenure as President, this edifice was built.

Let’s give praise where it is due. We are very quick to criticise and condemn but very very slow or most times reluctant to praise.

The plan to expand our airport might have been there for ages, but the fact that one President during his tenure prioritised it and built it deserves our commendation.

As a journalist I had wanted to see traces of where some Ghanaian media reported that it got flooded. I spent some time going round but never saw any trace. Sometimes some of our journalists and media houses become too parochially partisan that they mislead the nation.

My only concern with Terminal 3 is whether our usually Ghanaian sickness – lack of maintenance culture – wouldn’t affect this one too.

Let’s help every President we get to leave enviable monuments and policies which transform the nation and its status.”


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