Visa Fraud hits Coalition of Concerned Teachers

…Executives threaten to petition Swiss Government

The Coalition of Concerned Teachers; one of the strong teachers’ unions in the country with the objectives of fighting for the welfare of its members has been hit with strong allegations of Visa Fraud and impersonation and this is threatening the unity of the group.

Information available to The New Independent indicates that some members of the leadership of the Coalition are currently beaming with anger as they feel they have been taken advantage of while strangers are enjoying their toil.

The allegation is that some Executives of the association have connived to secure a Swiss Visa for someone who is not one of them to travel for an international conference that was supposed to be attended by the Executives of the Coalition. The members have therefore accused some of their leaders of using the association for Visa Racketeering, an act they believe defeats the principles and objectives of its formation.

According to our information, the president of the Association, Mr. King Ali Awudu, connived with the General Secretary, Mr. Herbert Ako Forson to introduce one Mark Ansah as the Ashanti Regional secretary of the Coalition of Concerned Teachers to the Embassy of Switzerland in Ghana.

They wrote a formal Letter to the Embassy in Accra requesting that a Swiss Visa be granted to Mr Ansah to enable him participate in this year’s 106th Session of the International Labour Conference of the International Labour Organization (ILO) which is currently underway in Geneva, Switzerland. The conference started on June 12 and is expected to end on June 16, 2017.  It has been established that Mark Ansah is not the General Secretary nor a member of the Coalition.

We gathered further that the all expenses on the trip is being borne with funds from the Coalition’s coffers which is made up of contributions of  its members. All these happened at the blind sides of Mr Steve Donkor who is the elected Ashanti Regional Secretary of the Coalition.

Speaking to The New Independent, Steve Donkor was not happy with the developments, especially with the conduct of the President of the Coalition whom he described as “presently having fun with Mark Ansah in Switzerland with the contributions of Coalition members”.

He described Mark Ansah as an imposter and a fraudster, who is taking advantage of the division in the coalition to enrich himself.

He has therefore threatened to instigate the resignation of King Ali Awudu as the President of the Coalition or ensure that he is sacked for engaging in illegalities.

He also called on members of the Coalition to call for an emergency congress so they can demand accountability from their President on the trip to Switzerland, among others.

“It is now obvious that the president of the coalition has engaged in fraudulent acts. This is a criminal act and he has to resign,” he stated.

King Ali Awudu, President of the Coalition of Concerned Teachers
King Ali Awudu, President of the Coalition of Concerned Teachers

The Letter to the Swiss High Commission dated, May 15, 2017, with reference number CCT-GH/HQ/VISA/15/5/17, and Titled “LETTER OF INTRODUCTION –MR. MARK ANSAH: PARTICIPATION IN THE 106TH SESSION OF THE INTERNATIONAL LABOUR ORGANIZATION (ILO) GENEVA SWITZERLAND FROM 5TH -16TH JUNE 2017,” reads in part

“…we will like to introduce to you Mr Mark Ansah, the Ashanti Regional Secretary of the coalition of concerned Teachers, Ghana.

“Mr Ansah will participate in the 106th session of the international Labour Conference of the international Labour Organization (ILO), Geneva Switzerland from 5th -16th June 2017 as part of the workers delegation from Ghana.

We would be grateful if you could issue him the relevant visa to enable him participate in the conference…

“For further information, please contact the General Secretary and the Union Mr Ako Forson Herbert on

We are counting on your cooperation.

Yours Faithfully,

Coalition of Concerned Teachers.”

Asked why he wrote such a letter knowing that Mark Ansah isn’t the Ashanti regional Secretary, Mr Ali Awudu claimed it was a mistake.

Meanwhile, a former president of the Coalition, Ernest Opoku, who in angry with the issue has threatened to file a petition to the government of Switzerland to question the Swiss Ambassador in Ghana on how they got got to issue a visa to someone in the name of the coalition without doing due diligence.

Stay tuned for more information.

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