Welcome to the Food Basket of Ashanti Region, Mr President – NDC Ejura-Sekyedumase

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Ladies and gentlemen of the media fraternity and the general public, our attention has been drawn to a publication both in the mainstream media, social media and the Ejura-Sekyedumase Municipal Assembly of the impending visit of HE Nana Addo and his Vice President Dr Bawumia to our Municipality slated to take place on the 18th of October, 2017 to commemorate the World Food Day,

As citizens not spectators within the Municipality we take the opportunity to welcome the President to the food basket of Ashanti region which is blessed with one of the largest markets in Ghana.

Ladies and gentlemen in the media fraternity, our President is noted for taking credits of developmental Projects initiated and completed by his Predecessor -HE John Dramani Mahama without due acknowledgement for any single effort into the implementation of such projects; it’s on this background that Ejura-Sekyedumase NDC wish to take the opportunity to inform and to educate the President and his entourage, as well as the teeming general public of some of the major infrastructural achievement of HE John Dramani Mahama which helped changed the face of our Municipality. Notable among them are :-

• 8km Ejura town roads
• 6km Seko-Anyinasu road
• 1.5km Mempeasem-Babaso road
• The almighty Brigade bridge
• 54 communities in the Municipality connected onto the national grid
• Modern street lights making Ejura the Dubai along the Kumasi-Yeji highways
• 3 CHPS compounds built at Kyenkyenkura, Hiawoanwu, and Bemi
•Collaborating with the Ejura traditional council to initiate the on going establishment and construction of Ejura Nursing Training College
• Numerous basic schools under trees were provided with modern facilities
• 33 Primary schools added onto the School Feeding Programme
• Ongoing 2 no. 6 unit storey building classroom blocks and 3 dormitories for Ejuraman Anglican SHS with 1 been storey building fa girls.
• Seko SHS selected as a beneficiary under the Secondary Education Improvement Programme (SEIP)
• Provision of boreholes to supply portable water to several communities in the Municipality.

Mr President, it might interest you to know that, All these numerous developmental projects which helped changed the status and face of the Municipality,was carried out during the tenure of the then MCE ALHAJI BAWA BRAIMAH, THE CURRENT MEMBER OF PARLIAMENT.

Mr President, as you set foot to Ejura-Sekyedumase to commemorate World Food Day, it’s equally important that, we draw your attention to a major land mark achievement of HE John Dramani Mahama within the Municipality in the agriculture sector, through the the creativity and novelty of the former MCE Alhaji Bawa in the area of Maize/ cereals measurements/standardization.

During the tenure of former Municipal Chief Executive Officer of Ejura-Sekyedukase Municipality,our Assembly and other sister Districts such as Attebubu-Amantin, Techiman and Nkronza collaborated and introduced fertilizer size 4 sucks/or the cocoa sucks as a standard measurement for All cereals especially Maize within these catchment areas. In effects All maize/cereal bought and sold within these areas per the Assemblies resolution resorted to the use of size four fertilizer sucks instead of the Markola size 5 bags which was a major killer to smallholder farmers.

Mr President, prior to introduction of the fertilizer size four (4)/the cocoa suck,as standardised measurement/scale of purchasing maize/cereals in these catch areas; middle men and the market women from Accra, Kumasi and etc exploited the farmers beyond rational thinking. The sad ordeal is that farmers needed three bags of maize/cereals in cocoa suck/fertilizer size four(4) to FILL/or to be equivalent to JUST ONE bag of the Markola the size 5.

Mr President, it would interest you to NOTE that a smallholder farmer who cultivated on an acre of land and with a maximum produce of twelve bags of maize/cereals in cocoa sucks /fertilizer size 4 sucks ONLY GOT four (4) bags of such produces when the markola size five Bags/sucks was used by the middle men in measuring the produce. This unbearable pain of farmers was captured in several studies of WFP-P4P which resulted in advocacy programs and the introduction of the 100/50kg bags of fertilizer bags to purchase produces from their treatment group, as way of influencing the market.

It is on the basis of this persistent robbery by the middle men, that four of HE John Dramani Mahama’s four Municipal and District Chief Executive Officers under the innovation of Alhaji Bawa passed a resolution in their respective Assemblies to abolished the use Markola Size five (5) and adopted cocoa suck/fertilizer size four (4) as the standardized measurements of cereal. This resulted in Ejura-Sekyedumase Assembly under the leadership of Hon Alhaji Bawa to receive an appreciation a congratulations letter from WFP-P4P for such a a giant effort.

This brought to an end the impoverishment of small holder farmers for ages used under the hands of these exploiters.

Mr President,it is strange that since the inception of your government ten months ago, this laudable initiative which brought pride to farmers and their families have unfortunately been abandoned by your government and your current MCEs in this Municipality due to the interest of few middle men in your party who are into this business. This has returned the untold hardships to Smallholder farmers.

Mr President, as you join Farmers to celebrate world food Day, we wish to reiterate to you that, one of the top most desires of smallholder farmers in the Municipality is the bringing back of the standardized measurement of farm produce/cereals and as well as a standardized pricing system of their farm products.

As citizens ,Ejura-Sekyedumase NDC demand answers to the following nagging questions from the President.

1.Of whose interest was the reintroduction of Markola size five(5) measuring maize/cereals ,smallholder farmers or the middle men??

2.What pragmatic measures have the NPP government put in place to end the armyworms which has reduced the yields in maize production in the municipality drastically since the inception of these armyworms???

3.What policies have the government put in place to reduce fuel prices so that the cost of ploughing and tractor charges on farm/land preparation and transportation to farms will be reduced instead of the skyrocketing nature due to astronomical increments in fuel prices???

EJURA-SEKYEDUMASE NDC would like to join All well meaning Ghanaians to SAY AYEKOO!!!! ,to All farmers, especially the smallholder farmers who put food on our dining tables everyday, at a very unbearable circumstances.

Thank you
Long live EJURAMAN
Long live NDC

Thank you.


Aboagye Peter

Nana Ameyaw

Abdul Razak

All media houses!

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