West Gonja: Angry NPP foot soldiers on rampage

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Pandemonium broke out at the West Gonja District Assembly in Damango on Monday morning when angry New Patriotic Party (NPP) foot soldiers went on a rampage.

The youth, as a result, chased out organizers of a 10-day training workshop on agriculture survey which was ongoing on at the Damango district assembly hall

In the ensuing disagreements that herald the halt of proceedings, the youth were seen in verbal exchanges and near fisticuffs with officials using swear words that there was no way the event will be allowed to come off as planned.

This brought work to a stop and participants were matched on foot to the lorry station and ordered to leave the district after they ransacked the hall and seized the breakfast that was meant for them Damango was chosen as the center to train participants from Sawla-Tuna- Kalaba district, Bole, North Gonja, Central Gonja and west Gonja but the NPP foot soldiers did not understand why only seven persons were picked to participate in the training out of forty people who attended the interview in the district.

They could not also understand why other districts had more than twenty people picked whiles that of West Gonja is only seven.

According to them the choice of lesser numbers smacks of discrimination against the district.

According to the facilitators of the training workshop who spoke to MyNewsGH.com on grounds of strict anonymity, Damongo had the least number of participants because the district has only two agriculture zones which could only accommodate a maximum of eight enumerators as compared to central Gonja district which has about  eight agriculture zones

Our source said the reaction of the foot soldiers is the result of lack of information from the top hierarchy of the party in the district.

Our protected source also said the youth thought all the participants were going to work in the West Gonja district after the training which could have informed their action.

Source: MyNewsGH.com

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