Western Togoland Wishes All Muslims a Happy Eid-Ul-Fitr

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On behalf of Western Togoland and my personal good self, I wish all Muslims in and around the globe a happy and rewarding Eid-ul-Fitr.

May your sacrifices and self-denial during the period of fasting be accepted by Allah the merciful and the benevolent while upholding in higher esteem the end goal of Islam.

May Allah’s presence fill you in a special way than ever before and cause you to remain steadfast in His influence.

We ask for mindful and moderate celebrations, bearing in mind the purpose of the festive; exhorting Allah and in fulfillment of personal obligations as good Muslims who evoke Allah’s blessings and clemency.

It’s the fact that, Islam have over the years remained a thin pile thread that binds hopes, aspirations and faith in the world. May you continue to be heralds of peace while on earth.

Western Togoland again wished to say a very big thank you to all Muslim brothers and sisters who have in divers ways believed in our dream and supported us in our peaceful quest for independence. Continue to support us and pray for us as we gain our independence.

Thank you,

Seth Mifetu.

(Communication-Western Togoland)

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