Where are the Roads Mahama claimed he constructed? – Akufo-Addo


Mr President, you were still sleeping. Wake up, President Akufo-Addo. Get in the game

Addressing the Chiefs and people of Lawra in the Upper West Region, President Akufo-Addo attacked the road infrastructure record of the erstwhile John Mahama government. “I don’t know what infrastructure he [Mahama] has in mind; but clearly roads were not part” said Nana Akufo-Addo. This was a President who is yet to mix cement and sand together not to talk about kick starting infrastructural project. The President and his agents seem to be determined to rule the country according to the tenet of propaganda and well packaged lies.

In fact he has no clue about happenings in the country. Though the good people in the region know their lies, they are counting on days and will remind them at the appropriate time. I want to use this medium to appeal to the President and his agents to forget the lies and propaganda idea because Ghanaians will not allow them such luxury.

We will not stop to put the government to their toes despite the intimidation and verbal assaults from some of their supporters. Rather than his baseless attacks, President Mahama should be praised by his predecessor for the way he handled affairs of the state during his tenure.

Mr President, your Finance Minister is borrowing right- left-centre, issuing bonds at his own time yet, Ghana is passing through a deep recession, the economy is moving into the intensive care unit. By the way let me focus on the substantive issue- “Where are the Roads” ?

May be the President travelled to the north by air so denied himself the opportunity of enjoying the 147- kilometre Sawla- Fufulso road.

“Was I sleeping or Mahama was misleading Ghanaians Ghanaians on the roads infrastructure?” Mr President, if you travelled by road to the north, then you were still sleeping. Read articles written by two renowned African journalists about Mahama and Ghana’s infrastructure development and will end your mischiefs and propaganda. Mr President,
you have a herculean task to accomplish. Ghana was rated second to South Africa in terms of electricity coverage and first in the subregion in terms of human development index.

Mr President, these are some of the roads your predecessor claimed he constructed

-147-kilometre Sawla-Fufulso road

-Buipe-Tamale Road Rehabilitation project

-Daboya Road. Daboya- Mankarigu- Wiase.

-Oti Damango- Bimbila Yendi Road

-Yendi- Nakpanduri- Nyankpala- Tolon,Tamale- Salaga. Chereponi- Yendi
,Yendi- Tamale and Tamale- Kumbungu Roads.

-55km Tamale Town Roads rehabilitated

– Yendi, Savelugu ,Damango,Bole town roads rehabilitated.


10km of roads in the Bolgatanga municipality

-Navrongo and Bawku town roads

Navrongo- Tumu road
Bolgatanga- Bongo
Wikongo-Tongo road
Navrongp- Tongo


upgrading of 7km of Wa town roads in 2014

-Road network on the UDS- Wa Campus

-Tumu Road improved

-Nadowli-Lawra- Hamile

-Wa- Bulenga

-Wa – Dorimon road

– Steel bridges on the Yala- Sombisi

– Tantale- Tuvunu

-Tuvnu- Lzabisi

– Wa- Walewale roads

– 39km Jeffisi- Gwolu road

– Guonu- Kperisi road.

Mr President, in my second article, I will furnish you with more of the road projects. But before that, let me find out from you; when did road infrastructure become so important to your politics. For political purposes you and your agents said “We don’t eat roads” we don’t eat hospitals etc so why this attack.

Source: Ohenenana Obonti Krow

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