Whether Kwesi Botchwey agrees with Bawumia or not the economy is in shambles.

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The cedi is depreciating.

Tariffs are high.
No jobs for the youth.

Businesses are collapsing.

People lose their jobs everyday. Banks are collapsing.

These are also facts and everybody is witnessing the untold hardship in the country

If collapsing of businesses is called good governance then any idiot can be President.

If Bawumia says their worst performance is better than the previous government’s best performance then why businessmen are gnashing their teeth?

Bawumia is fooling Ghanaians everyday but still we have the ignorant who still praise him when he talks, is very sad.

If Ghana is still as it was even worse then what was the essence of vote for change?

What has this current government done differently? The answer is nothing

Yes many were deceived thinking that voting for change would have reduced our plight.

You can go round the whole country and you will never see anything going on, is very bad

We were seeing what the previous government was doing but we can’t see what the current government is doing, that’s my problem .

Nana Addo started his presidential ambition about 40 years ago, is not like JM who woke up without dreaming of becoming a President and was sworn in.

If you have planned to be president and by God’s grace you have become a president why the mess?

If it was Nana Addo who was sworn in unprepared like how JM was sworn in I don’t think he would have been able to deliver one tenth of JM’s achievements

Never again will Ghanaians mistakenly vote for a useless president like what we are witnessing

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