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Why is John Mahama so popular among Ghanaians?

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Former President John Mahama remains by far the most popular politician in Ghana according to a survey released by the #Step2Network last week. Nine out of 10 Ghanaians say they have a favourable view of John Mahama, says the survey conducted between October 28 and November 10 this year among 5,300 respondents.

John Mahama’s overwhelming popularity extends across Ghana and beyond. Since January 2017, Mahama’s popularity is relatively unchanged in the country and has risen highly in some part of the country. The public’s positive assessment of John Mahama is buoyed by growling discontentment with the Ghanaian economy and failure of the current administration to fulfill the promises it made in opposition. More than eight in ten of people interviewed say the economic conditions are bad. And the share of adults who say the economy is very bad (77%) has tripled in the past 21 months.

The former President’s growing popularity can in part be traced to public satisfaction with his handling of his party’s issues and how he has carried himself so far. At least nine in ten Ghanaians approve of how he has handled himself so far. He gives appreciation to everyone, no matter where he is, no matter who he is. He never misses any opportunity to greet people, he always goes in between the people and try to give them a moment of appreciation. He did same when he was the President and still doing it.

On social media John Mahama is the most followed politician on social media platforms. He is rated amongst the most followed politician on the globe. His followers on Facebook and Twitter are nearly twice followers of the Ghanaian President and other popular political figures in Ghana.

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