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Why is John Mahama the most Popular and Loved Politician in Ghana?

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John Mahama’s unfettered passion for his country, his undeterred resolve to make Ghana the Mecca of Africa, his sincere determination and commitment to develop the country, his achievements has earned him a special place in the hearts of Ghanaians.

The NPP has failed to substantiate the allegations they levelled against him. Do you know why? Because there aren’t any. John keeps kept his words when he was in office. He promised to end the decades old power crisis and he kept his promise by investing heavily in the power sector culminating in the stable power supply we enjoying. He premised that he will reduce Ghana’s infrastructure deficit and he did exactly that by implementing projects including roads, schools, hospitals etc across the country. This has earned him the goodwill of the people.

John Mahama is tech savvy. The youth of Ghana too are technology oriented. He has become very popular among the youth. He spends time on his Twitter handle answering the queries. Ghanaians get a new and special experience of exchanging ideas with the former president of the Republic.

This has developed a closeness with John Mahama.

John Mahama is among the most followed politicians including sitting Presidents in instagram with millions of followers. A study that was conducted revealed on an average each post received over 6.5k intersections( comments and likes). He is very popular on all social media platforms including Facebook, twitter etc.

John Mahama will surely be the Presidential candidate of the NDC for the 2020 election.

Ghanaians are once again going to have another glorious opportunity of seeing the exploits of a man we have learned to love or hate but never really ignored. Trying to decode John Mahama’s inimitable style is, I am sure a Herculean task, but LION considers himself bold and want to at least give it an honest try.

So, here I list down few things I absolutely love about this man

-He is a self assured person. Ghana is his stage bad he knows how to put up a great show. Well from Accra to Bolgatanga, from Berekum to Nzulezu, from Kumasi to Mamprusi, the Mahama chants are just deafening. By one of his critics own admission, he is the sole reason why Ghanaians have developed a deeper sense of pride and patriotism in our nationality.

– Mahama is a publicist’s dream clients.- that was how a Kenyan journalist described him. “If you have been a publicist or managed public relations for a celebrity or a corporate client, you will know, what I mean” said the Kenyan journalist when he interviewed the former Ghanaian President after the Kenyan election. John Mahama knows his camera angles, he is a great orator, he is able to arouse emotions in his audience while he speaks and extremely patient with the media always giving them enough time to click him. Everything from his suits, to his jacket, make for front page news, world wide

-He is a generous man. I have not seen another politician who is as generous as John Mahama. He gives other lesser mortals also an opportunity to bask in his blessed halo.

-His is very honest and ready to give away power if it means making truth prevail over lies. Sometimes when I look at John Mahama, I wonder, he does make it all seem so damn easy. He is like the statesman, the showman, the suave politician all rolled in one

It must take a lot to be John Dramani Mahama and even to wake up every morning, believing that he is the saviour of a million destinies.

Source: Ohenenana Obonti Krow

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