Why Naana Eyiah is an Incompetent and a Lazy MP

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The youth of Gomoa Central constituency in the Central Region are deeply disappointed in our member of Parliament Hon. Naana Eyiah, for not doing what she promised and what she is supposed to do as a representative of the people.

How can a whole member of Parliament sit in Parliament and be silent since 2017? Per out checks, the only thing our MP has said on the floor of Parliament since she was inducted into the House has been either a “Yeah yeah” or “noo noo”; this is at a time other serious parliamentarians are busy debating serious issues such as the budget and communicating the needs of their constituents to the government.

Since she became the representative of the people of the Gomoa Central constituency, not even a KVIP facility has been built in the Constituency, but she finds time to go on the morning show of Net2 TV to insult members of the NDC. The youth of Gomoa Central constituency need jobs but not Fufu machines and clothes to aged people.

Comparably, she is the worse member of Parliament that Gomoa Central has ever had.

We are aware that the previous member of Parliament, Hon. Rachel Nana Adwoa Appoh and her NDC administration led by former President John Dramani Mahama started constructing our roads, and instead of her Naana Eyiah to help continue and finish these road projects, she only stays in Parliament screaming “yeah yeah”. In the 2019 budget one of the roads planned for construction include that of Agona Swedru which is not far from the Gomoa Central constituency, but we don’t blame President Nana Akufo-Addo, rather, Naana Eyiah, for not talking or speaking up our problems to the President.

2020 will surely come.




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