Woe to the Down Presser…the youth of Shama District shall be restored

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I have read and listened carefully to the issues arising out of the youth demonstration on Monday 17/09/2018, and I sincerely believe the youth are not even angry enough.

It is a trite knowledge this government is only doing lips service on job creation ever since it was sworn into office, and this attitude of self glorification is been championed by the very youth who are affected the most. Narrowing the issue to the Shama constituency, the situation is no different from that of the national outlook.

The current DCE and MP have surrounded themselves with sycophantic youths whose level of education, experience and understanding of politics is affecting the fortunes of their party. The Assembly members are have equally contributed to this.

Every time the back of the DCE and MP are against the wall, they quickly through in needles corruption relation issues and blame the NDC for orchestrating and fueling the agitations. If governance is all about blaming and fault finding, then the NPP has no business in government.

Though I strongly believe Honourable Joseph Amoah must make way for a younger, youthful member of their party to politically lead the district, the youth must first vent their anger on some notable youths who are championing the Incompetence and disrespectful conduct of the DCE. These youth includes but not limited to Dankay, Emmanuel Quagrine, Ebenezer Andoh, Mary Oto’o.

These elements see no evil, hears no evil and will speak no evil of the DCE and the MP making them look as though they are some sort of demigods. Somewhere April this year, chanced upon a bizarre spectacle at the assembly, and felt that should have been enough grounds for the Honourable assembly members to have initiated a vote of no confidence in the DCE.

Apparently, the same DCE instructed his subordinates to embark of mobilization and close business entities that are indebted to the district and retrieve same. Unfortunately, the store of his sister in law and some sewing machines attached and taken the district assembly office. The next morning, this woman had the nerves and muscles, came to the district assembly and insults and all sorts of unprintable words on the revenue officers and officials around.

As if this is not enough, one would have thought Honourable DCE would have implored on the sister in law to stop her uncouth behaviour; surprisingly he emboldened the woman to disrespect the very officials he had tasked to embark on their official duties. The revenue officer Mr. Atta was subsequently transferred to the Sekondi Metro, and another officer later took release from the district because of the hostile environment.

If this is not enough grounds for his removal then, I think there must be more to it. How can the district progress as required when there is no cordial working relationship between the political heads and the technocrats? How come our Assembly members did not do anything about this? How much are they paid to continue to overlook the gross insubordination of the DCE. Hon. Joseph Amoah has nothing loose should he be disappointed by the president. He will be 60 years in the next two months or so, so why are people afraid to champion his removal?

I sighted letter that Honourable Amoah was passionately defending the citizens of another country as against the interest of the indigenes of the Shama district. It is a treasonable offense and a breach of the directive state principle, for any official whose very survival depends on the benevolence of the Ghanaian citizen.

In that case, the Chinese company Twyford ceramics, had tap into the water hydrant of Ghana Water Company making it impossible for the in inhabitants of Aboadze to secure water for their household chores. When it was brought to the notice of the DCE, he wrote eloquently defending why the authorities of the company must not be blamed for the situation. How can you be serving these people and at the same time fight against their interest? And people think it is out of place to demand his resignation.

What has Honourable Joseph Amoah has to show for stewardship after almost two years his political leadership? Nothing! He has rather caused disaffection, suspicion, and disrespectful amongst the youth, chiefs and people of Shama.

Now to the hatchet men who do his bidding for the crumbs that they feed on from his table. If you are a youth and you think your political life and very existence depends on a 60 year old political appointee and for that matter a senior political figure, then the word moron can not be disassociated from you.

I will ordinarily not do personality attacks but the issues must be rightly situated to bring clarity to our problem. These hangers on of Hon. Amoah, like one Dankay, a guy who could barely complete his secondary education but for the magnanimity of the system, is today benefitting at the expense of party faithfuls who have qualifications but are unable to secure job with their own government in power.

Dankay doubles as a premix committee member and at the same time works with the forestry commission. My brother how many of your youthful brothers in Shama have benefited from the NABCO song you’ve been singing on Facebook. In fact, you members and for that matter, the youth in Shama constituency or district are having difficult time access their status of this knee-jerk policy of an employment? Why don’t you empower some of these youth in Aboadze by creating some jobs for them?

Then comes another defender in chief, Emmanuel Quagrine, a national service personnel with the works department who thinks he knows more than the DCE himself. Emmanuel, governments comes and goes but institutions remain with the technocrats still at post. You are a service personnel and must humble yourself learn. Do you think the npp government will be in power forever? Are you secured as with your position as a service personnel? Or you think your role with the youth employment agency is guarantee for this effusion of nonsense defense you put on Facebook?

Hitherto, someone was in your position just some two years ago and therefore one would think you will keep faith with the youth of Aboadze and solidarlise with them. Kind words and diplomacy kills youth agitations, but you rather chose to adopt the usual political posturing and flexing of muscle to please the DCE. But like I said, these youth are not angry enough like you should not be sleeping in your room soundly at night. Can you take such nonsense to our brothers in the three northern regions? Who born dog? But it is all good because the youth fell for your lies and so you are emboldened to react to their demonstration and claiming their ndc members.

Granted they are ndc members, are they not entitled to basic needs of life, which can only be secured through a decent job? You receive allowance as a service personnel, and cut corners with role at the youth employment agency and so can afford to putting up such a twerp defense for a political leader, whose actions is a tacit admission of his failure.

Ebenezer Nana Andoh, it hard for me to do this but over the last few months your defense of Honourable Amoah and Panford, has clearly betrayed you as one hell of an incorrigible character. Lack understanding of our political system but for what you are told.

I thought as a teacher, it will be your cherished desire to the see youth of the district employed in some sort of venture. But no, you are also caught the politics of lies, smearing and praise singing. All you do is follow the DCE and MP in touring the communities spreading the lies.

What you don’t realise is that you occupy a sensitive position at the district education makes your actions untenable to continue to hold yourself up as technocrat.

If can’t advise the DCE to help these youth don’t rub it down their face. The lack of wee-feeling and self inflicted greed amongst the youth is the basis this rogue and hostile political environment we are witnessing.

To the youth of Aboadze and Shama at large, I feel your pain and frustration. The ndc are party feeling your hopelessness under this shambolic npp government. We will not promise you heaven, but we will hope that is birth on self development, equity and inclusive national development.

Be ye therefore encouraged, for the Egyptians you see in Shama today, you will see them no more come 2021.

Woe to the down presser ….

Long live Shama!
Long live the great NDC !

(Your humble servant)

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