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YALI Alumni outline initiatives to solve Africa’s challenges across various sectors

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The YALI Alumni, Ghana Chapter has set out plans for transformative initiatives, aimed at aiding members of the association to deliver maximum leadership and impact, during its General Assembly meeting for the last quarter of 2018, which was held at the YALI West Africa Regional Leadership Center, at GIMPA, on Saturday November 24, 2018.

The General Assembly, which is the highest decision making body of YALI Alumni Ghana adopted various resolutions, formed key committees, and outlined strategic initiatives and projects, that would inure to the building and strengthening of an effective network of YALIANS, who are active in the development of their societies and beyond, as well as supportive of each others’ initiatives.

The General Assembly resolved as a matter of priority to promote ‘Women in Agribusiness’ by urging more female alumni to venture into agribusiness, with guarantee of the association’s support.

Coming on the heels of an orientation meeting for members from recent Cohorts just a day earlier, where the Alumni president, Mr Bismark Gyamfi called on fellows from the YALI Training Program, to participate and help build a strong network representative of the YALI brand, the General Assembly ratified various committees including Finance, Events and Programs, Press and Media, Sustainability, Outreach and Communications Committees.

The president and chairman of the General Assembly outlined plans of establishing Regional Alumni Councils, to enhance a decentralized form of mobilizing YALIANS nationwide. He also revealed the introduction of the maiden YALI Fun Games, which the chairman of the Events and Programs committee Mr Stephen Selassie Asuo explained would promote unity among members, and offer a platform to mobilize more alumni in order to forge ahead and achieve the association’s 2019 objectives. He also declared that it would form the basis for establishing partnerships with various organizations, and help in the association’s fundraising activities.

Mr Bismark Gyamfi, also revealed the association’s target of raising not less than USD 200,000 for projects and to fund significant initiatives of YALI Alumni. He called on the members present at the General Assembly to be dedicated as the association works to rekindle the YALI spirit among alumni, stating that “alumni success is vital because it is an evaluation of the YALI program to ascertain its impact and progress”.

The chairman of the Sustainability Committee, Mr Mohammed Babangida also disclosed the initiatives that are dedicated to sustaining the alumni association and increasing the relevance of the activities of members. Key among them are National Civic Leadership Campaign (NCLC), which is designed to draw input from alumni who have been trained in the YALI Civic Leadership Track. Mr Babangida also mentioned the YALI Alumni Chamber of Commerce, which will fall on beneficiaries of the Entrepreneurship track to help businesses of members expand, and also raise funds to provide support for the Regional Leadership Center. He also detailed plans for ‘Echoes From Africa’ which offers 100 different practical solutions for challenges in Africa to be championed by us young African leaders. This also focuses on maximizing the contribution of beneficiaries of the YALI Public Policy Management track.

The alumni president urged the YALI fellows to take advantage of the opportunity they had in the network of over 4000 distinguished young African leaders from nine (9) West African countries, who have been trained in Public Policy Management, Civic Leadership and Entrepreneurship tracks

Mr Bismark Gyamfi lauded the positive social initiatives most YALIANS were embarking on across the region. He sighted the example of YALI TV, as a progressive means of improving the capabilities of YALI Alumni to tell the stories of their change making activities to a far reaching audience through audiovisual, timely and with ease. He called on the Ghanaian members of Cohort 12, whose training had just come to an end to emulate their colleagues from neighbouring countries, and volunteer to support in creating and disseminating relevant content on YALI TV.

Selassie, the main brain behind YALI TV, also emphasized the need for each YALI fellow to leverage the network of young African leaders available, as this was a social capital that was greater than any form of capital that could be generated.

The president also commended ten alumni who had secured $10,000 funding each for their projects, from the YALI Alumni Innovative Fund. He encouraged members to apply for the funds since it was meant for those who had relevant initiatives and ideas. He assured the support of the Alumni Executives to provide any kind of assistance to help applicants.

Source: Ijarha Larry

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